Interview to Emanuela Miani, owner of Saint Barth Colony

Interview to Emanuela Miani, owner of Saint Barth Colony

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New partner of Great Estate & Chesterton real estate agency, Saint Barth Colony work research a unique and stylish “boutique look” to living spaces.

We interviewed the owner of Saint Barth Colony Emanuela Miani

How did your company come about?

The possibility of traveling the world, has allowed Emanuela to refine her skill by creating within the collections, original ideas for an easy approachable style with a strong character. Sensitive to changes, Emanuela Miani, combines design photography, capturing images that reappear albeit hidden in the collections. Two years ago, the Saint Barth Colony Home Collection was born, a style collection with a sober design concept that leaves no stone unturned. The design concept reflects a changing character to the needs of time and place but never so much as to erase the style that characterizes it.

Who are your clientele? And what services do you offer?

We have 2 different types of clientele. The Saint Barth Colony albeit only 2 years old, is already known in the international interior design circles and offers personalized and customized services. It is also emerging on the international stage; with set design, and in a little over a month has seen the opening of a showroom which is 500 square metres in size in downtown Los Angeles (CA).

Those that come to you, what are they looking for?

Those who come to Saint Barth Colony are seeking an environment of class, character that expresses their personality and who want an experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

How did you first become aware of the Great Estate & Chesterton Real Estate Group?

One of my co-worker’s got in touch, and a mutual empathy was born from the very beginning with the Great Estate Group’s founder, Stefano Petri, which prompted me to consider this project without reservation as a viable and synergistic power of collaboration.

And why did you become a partner with the Group?

Because the Great Estate Group is synonymous with prestige and professionalism, so therefore it was not difficult for Saint Barth Colony to accept a proposal for an offered partnership signed by the company’s founder.

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