Stefano Petri: selling a luxury property while following the Great Estate Method strategies

Stefano Petri: selling a luxury property while following the Great Estate Method strategies

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Which are the secrets to sell a prestigious property in a short time and with the best profit possible? Stefano Petri, Great Estate CEO, explains them.

The decision to sell a real estate property is truly important. Often, some “vendors” are unsatisfied because their farmhouse, apartment, or villa, is in the market for a very long time and without any effective result. How to solve this situation?
Needless to say, the main role is played by the professionalism, the competencies, and the quality of the services that the agency to which a client addresses him/herself offers. Regarding this, Great Estate Group, having always handled and improved the skills of its partners with the aim of improving them, bet a lot on the services for the sellers, trying to keep them constantly updated and to use new technologies.
We have talked a little about this topic with the CEO of the group, Stefano Petri.

Stefano, can you tell us how, during the last years, did the G.E. services for the vendors change?

During the last years, finding their common denominator in the willingness of reaching the best result in the short time possible, the services for the vendors have been increased. For this reason, we have created some IT tools to support the consultation of our professionals and, as a consequence, of the decisions of our clients. This can be summed up into the “Great Estate Method”: Estimate, Exposure, Examination, and Sale (read here our article about this topic).

The first and fundamental step is to identify the real value of your own house; then, a good exposure and examination of the results achieved through the marketing work are indispensable.

Surfing in the website we have discovered that, regarding the advertising of the properties, the vendor has the possibility to choose various marketing plans. In your experience of “acquirer”, which one of these plans have been the most requested by your vendors?

Having the luck of working and managing prestigious properties, I believe that the best marketing plan is the Silver Marketing Plan: it includes a great visibility, both nationally and internationally speaking, as well as the drone videos and the virtual tours. This threes activities together represent a good starting point to obtain a great visibility. In the most particular cases, related to specific interventions, our marketing sector is able to give some high level consultancies, starting from the web, paper, social and, more in general, to any kind of advertising, with a great plus: in order to reach great results with selected and efficient investments, make our knowhow available to our clients.

Regarding the “graphic and photo” sector, which is the main and latest news from GE?

In addition to an ever-growing-up specialization on the classical photo shootings, the drone videos and the internal virtual tours are our last innovations. The possibility to have both internal and external tours of a property allows our national and international clients to virtually “visit” it and, after the first concrete visit, to have a better feeling on it too. I understand that, while speaking of so important properties, those aspects are often underestimated. Instead, to our great surprise, we have discovered that this is revealing itself winning and positive.

How important is, during an assignment to sell, to maintain constant communications with the vendor?

It is fundamental! And for those who, like us, consider a great performance and visibility as the normality, the fact of make the vendor understand the market results is unquestionably a decisive and fundamental step to take. For this reason, we have created a sophisticated online statistics system, which is currently 70% usable and that we hope to conclude within the end of 2018: visibility, redemption and clients feedbacks analysis give us precious information about the rooms for improvement in terms of advertising visibility and requested price, indispensable elements to reach the hoped result in the minor time possible.

To conclude, let’s go back to the title of this article: the strategies to sell a farmhouse. Which are the “tactics” of the Great Estate method that allow you and the other professionals of the group who manage with the vendors to realize the sale of a prestigious property with profit?

Surely, the base is the “Great Estate Method”. It is also true that our great strength is in our numbers, results and experience. The managing of a prestigious second home sale reveals some mechanisms and unwritten rules which, if compared to any other real estate sale, are completely different. The emotional aspect is prevalent, more than the normal. All has to be presented in the best way possible. Every problem has to be known and solved before the presentation: those are just a few sentences, but behind them there is a great job that only with a constant dedication and ambition to improve can allow to arrive at all those goals that we are honoured to reach daily.

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