Kristina Kessler: cooperating with Great Estate was like being part of a big family!

Kristina Kessler: cooperating with Great Estate was like being part of a big family!

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Among the GE summer sales, we remind you about the one of “La Piazzettina Del Fico” – Ficulle, Umbria – apartment too.

On July, 2019, the “La Piazzettina Del Fico” final deed of sale was signed. By maintaining all its traditional features, this property has been recently renovated. “La Piazzettina Del Fico” is rich of charm and interesting architectonical details.

The sale of this fascinating Umbrian property comes from the commitment and professionalism of Valter Luciani – who managed the vendors – and Nicolò Cordone – the trusted agent of the buyer, Mrs. Kristina Kessler.

We interviewed her.

Welcome Mrs. Kessler. First of all, we would like to discover a little more about you. Why did you decide to move from the US to Italy?

I had lived in Italy before so when I retired from my job in America it was easy for me to pick Italy as my retirement destination.

Where do you come from exactly? Which was your life before?

I’m an American who has lived in Washington DC for 40 years. While there I was editor in chief of various association magazines dealing with. real estate development and design.

Why the decision to move in Umbria?

I looked at homes in Tuscany and Umbria for over a year on the internet and fell in love with the home I bought in Ficulle in Umbria. The landscape is a dream, the food is wonderful, and its ideally situated between Florence and Rome.

Did you already know Italy and the countryside around of Fabro and Ficulle?

I had been to Rome and Florence before but had never explored the Umbrian countryside.

What can you tell us about your new property, “La Piazzetta del Fico”? Why did you decide to purchase it?

I bought La Piazzetta del Fico because it was exactly what I was looking for: a stone home with wooden beams in a stone village with warm welcoming people.

What can you tell us about your experience with Nicolò Cordone, your GE trusted consultant who assisted you throughout the whole selling process?

My experience with Nicolò Cordone was wonderful. He speaks excellent English and was always very concerned that I understood every detail of the home buying process in Italy. There also was no need to hire a translator since all documents were prepared in both Italian and English and even the notary Nicolò proposed spoke English. The entire home buying transaction was flawless and completed in a matter of weeks.

Nicolò is a very cordial relaxed person with a great sense of humour. I felt comfortable with him immediately. He is more than just an agent…but a friend who will help you with the ins and outs of living in Italy.

Would you recommend Great Estate to other international clients who, as you did, would like to purchase a prestigious property in Italy? And if so, why?

I was more than satisfied with the services Nicolò and Great Estates provided. It feels more like a family one has entered than a business…though all interactions and transactions were highly professional. I would definitely recommend Great Estate to anyone interested in buying property in Italy.

They know the regions, the homes, and the processes that will make your home buying experience one to treasure for years.

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