“Le Case sul Lago” and its successes, the partner agency of Great Estate for the territory around Lake Trasimeno

“Le Case sul Lago” and its successes, the partner agency of Great Estate for the territory around Lake Trasimeno

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Giacomo Migni, the partner of Great Estate from “Le case sul Lago”, a member of Great Estate Network, talks about the goals achieved in 2016 thanks to the collaboration with Great Estate.

Giacomo Migni

Hello Giacomo. When and how did the partnership with Great Estate start?

Hi. Our collaboration started in July 2015.

I knew Giacomo Buonavita, the agent of Great Estate, for a long time. He told me very positive things about this company and I thought it would be a great opportunity. So, I decided to meet Stefano Petri, the CEO of Great Estate.

The idea to spread our activity on the market of the second homes was very attractive, especially in the historical period like now, when the Luxury Real Estate seems to feel less economic crisis.

What do you think about this partnership? Did you have any perplexity before to launch this collaboration?

Sincerely, we didn’t have any doubts about this partnership. Firstly, because Giacomo has always talked very well about the Group, giving only positive feedback to the work done with Great Estate.

Secondly, the presentation of the Group, done by Stefano, was excellent and impressive: actually, it is a young, fresh structure in continuous evolution.

Did you receive more opportunities thanks to the collaboration with Great Estate?

Frankly speaking, yes: we had the opportunity to enlarge our circuits, first of all, of the international clients, thanks to the major exposure on the market of luxury property.

And what could you tell about the sales closed in 2016?

Thanks to the collaboration with Great Estate, we have concluded three interesting negotiations for a total value of about one million Euro, all in the area of Lake Trasimeno.

The object of the first one was the elegant one-level villa in the countryside, with a marvellous view of Lake Trasimeno, fitted with an entrance porch, a guesthouse and a pond in the garden, embellishing the property. The villa was purchased by one Italian-English couple.

It was followed by a restored country house, situated in the countryside of Panicale, with a swimming pool, a guesthouse and a splendid garden, completing the property. The villa purchased by one Italian-German couple.

Finally, exactly in the old town, one typical apartment in the ancient Umbrian village was sold after the negotiation successfully terminated with the Group.

Besides these goals, achieved in collaboration with the Great Estate Network on the market of second homes, what other advantages did you get?

Our agency “Le Case sul Lago” has closed other sales of small portions of country houses and apartments in the ancient Umbrian towns, purchased as a main residence or, in some cases, as a small holiday homes.

I mean restored properties situated in such villages of Umbria as Paciano, Panicale, San Feliciano, and Castiglione del Lago. At the moment, for instance, we are working on one negotiation in Perugia.

What do you think about Right Estate? Do you consider that it would be useful in the management of the first homes?

As for me, Right Estate, the new IT platform, aimed to manage the residential real estate, that very soon will be online with Great Estate, will be able to help to put the property on the market in the category, different from that one of Great Estate’s database.

I believe that the really innovative aspect of Right Estate would be that one of major exposure for the first homes.

Very often, our properties don’t have the characteristics necessary for to be inserted into Great Estate and they are not included in the usual international engagement that provides the advertising for Non-Luxury Real Estate. However, it is not the reason of the attenuation of their visibility.

Therefore, I believe and I hope that this type of market, through the introduction of the brand-new website Right Estate, can get the right visibility, towards the most appropriate target to it, in some of the most important channels of the sector.

Finally, I think that the insertion of the first homes in this new system can also take the advantages of advertising solutions, for example, the evocative brochures of the property in various languages.

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