The new Website of the Great Estate Network: elegant and advanced

The new Website of the Great Estate Network: elegant and advanced

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One of the great innovations of 2016 is the Great Estate website: elegant, advanced, dynamic and quite brilliant.

The new site is the result of teamwork, starting many months ago and that, today, is ready to be released and used by all those searching for or with interest in international real estate.

Over time, five versions of the site have been released. Each of which presented with contrasting graphics and modes of communication, each better than the former, or sometimes only different depending on the requirements, which it aimed to meet.

In particular, the first two were ‘designed’ for individual real estate agencies, partners with the Great Estate. The third, however, was aimed towards the creation of a corporate website, structured for an international group, not necessarily linked with Tuscany.

Each employee of the Great Estate has played a part in the development and evolution of this project. Just to name a few – and not to forget the “mastermind” behind this brilliant endeavour, Stefano Petri – we can mention: Antonio Anile, who, thanks to his university thesis, was able to provide very useful and effective tips for web development, Roberto Biggera and Alice Ceccomoro, who tirelessly proposed ideas and solutions for the individual property pages and their layout, Valentina Fabbrizzi, contributed to the design of the home page; Filippo Cori, thanks to his previous experience in large real estate companies, gave invaluable viewpoints and suggestions on discovering new prestigious international properties. And these are only some of the many recommendations that the Great Estate has been fortunate enough to receive and that have been, each, the subject of careful analysis and attentive consideration.

The uniqueness of the website is not the result of one single point of view, but the culmination of a myriad of ideas, opinions and perspectives.

In particular, the site is unique for two distinctive reasons, in essence: the modes of communication and the method.

In regards to the former, the site has been created with true emphasis and importance placed on our most important resource, the properties.

The search system, highlighted on the web page, is available to the user with six different parameters (categories, lifestyle, map, location, specifications and free search).

The information on our company, the Great Estate and our history are positioned at the bottom of the page. This is not to diminish in any way our human resource or importance but to give more visibility to what is, for us, most important: the customer and his needs, which could either be finding the right property or to help him sell the property he owns.

Regarding the method, what contributes to the uniqueness of the new site is definitely the latest generation database on which the website rests.

The Best Price is the new IT project by the Great Estate. Together with the invaluable collaboration of: a company that deals with geo analysis, three Italian universities, real estate professionals and IT professionals allows through multiple forms: property valuations and evaluations, marketing and advertising automated systems, statistics and feedback from the market and most importantly customer management.

A perfected and efficient customer management system helps a real estate group in acquire new prestigious real estate, to their portfolio and database, by entering it into the backhand of the system just once to also be published and available to the end client on line.

Thanks to this new this system one can get a clear overall view of the property given the detailed and impartial property valuation. This property valuation is based on similar real estate sales, in the same geographical area, all belonging to the same property category, as well as on the basis of relevant data provided by the IMO (register of property sales).

Moreover, thanks to The Best Price one can choose the type of advertising in which to invest in order to give the right and most rewarding visibility to the property, getting feedback from the market on it, and not least, to understand why the property has so far failed to sell, all by means of the new online statistics system, The Best Price.

This is why we mentioned uniqueness!

Another feature of the Great Estate’s new web site is: Right Estate. This is the new platform on which to advertise everything belonging to the real estate sphere.

To date, partners of the Great Estate had to use their own database for any property that was not considered Luxury Real Estate. Obviously causing the relative consequences in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the working method, according to the type of property, partner agencies had to use a different backhand or database there by costing time and resources.

Now, partner agencies will be able to use the same backhand and management database for all the properties in their database.
Right Estate will be able; to cover all aspects of an estate agencies needs, while remaining highly customisable.

Great Estate and Right Estate: A most excellent calling card!

The new web site home page opens with a video of a particular property (the property choice will also depend on the availability of the various partner agencies). In this regard we must congratulate Ludovico Pinzi, who deals with the creation of our professional videos thanks to our new drone a Dji Phantom 4.

Elegance, sophistication and emotion are all certainly the right words with which to describe the feelings transferred while enjoying these videos. Just by watching one you can see these videos, with their enticing background music, and impressive angles, superbly represent the advances made by our Group.

The search results are placed in the foreground as previously mentioned. They can be viewed in two possible layouts: a list or a grid, with a choice of seeing 9 properties or a multiple number of it.

The search criteria can be ordered according to ascending price, descending price, recommended properties and latest news / updates.

At the beginning of the search query there will be a “highlighted property”, chosen in accordance with an algorithm that takes into account multiple aspects. First of all the completeness of the backhand data property sheet, the difference in the sale price – as rated by The Best Price – to the one requested by the seller, market feedback and shared advertising investment.

The property page opens with a video of the property, if available, otherwise with a gallery composed of four images: the cover photo, external, internal, and views, with a caption that displays the name of the property, the geographical location and the price of the property.

Following is a brief description of the property and the complete photo gallery divided according to the same categories as the initial pictures presenting the property (overall aspect, external, internal and panorama).

Below the short description and photos is a detailed description of the property divided into: general details, detailed description, location, outbuildings, related add-ons, a printable brochure button and a request information form. All to present the information simply, quickly and efficiently to the client.

To the side of the page there is a map providing a clear view of where the property is located within the Italian territory.
The new property page also provides a brief description of places of interest in a target region, especially ideal for international customers who still are not familiar with Italy.

At the bottom of the web page there are links to the pages on the information of our company, to our Group, services for the vendor and the buyer, as well as detailed information on the Network and the Service Provider, and finally, the pages dedicated to further forms of communication (press office, online magazine etc..).

In particular with regard to services for the customer, there is at the clients disposal a detailed guide on buying and selling in Italy and also descriptions of the various services offered by Great Estate Group such as: Private Agent and Private Agent Gold, The Best Price our new and innovative valuation suite and database, Marketing Plans offered to clients interested in selling (giving them complete information on how to market their property and give it the right visibility on the international stage), as well as the online statistics service to get feedback from the property market.

As for visibility and the marketing plans offered by Great Estate, we would be remiss by not mentioning the constant and on-going work behind the scenes done by our marketing professionals to find the best way to present our exclusive properties.

We are talking about a constant study, performed monthly on the most web indexed keywords, so that they can be included in the different brochures and articles published in the online magazine so as to make advertising as effective as possible. Up until now this work was done ‘manually’ by a single marketing expert. With the new website, supported by our innovative backhand and database The Best Price, this activity will done automatically, designed by the professionals whom we mentioned above.

A true team effort that will make the Great Estate Network even stronger.

The online publication of this new website is expected by the end of the year in Italian, English, Russian and German, and moving forwards in any language the Great Estate deems appropriate.

Special thanks goes to Riccardo Magini, our Media Officer, and Francesco Cigna, our IT specialist who, along with Riccardo made it possible to realize a million innovative ideas for the Real Estate World.

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