Living suspended above a tuff cliff: let us introduce you Orvieto

Living suspended above a tuff cliff: let us introduce you Orvieto

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Our beautiful Italy can offer some breath-taking locations and landscapes, on the edge between reality and fable. Today, we bring you to the discovery of one of the most fascinating Umbrian towns: Orvieto.

Located in the southern part of Umbria, tacitly suspended above a tuff cliff, Orvieto is a rare example of artistic beauty. Inhabited since the Bronze Age, the history of Orvieto started between the Etruscan and the Roman periods and arrives till today, giving us a variety of riches to be discovered: touristic paths, museums and attractions which make the town deserve a long stop in it. Among the monuments, the most famous and appreciated one is the beautiful Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, which owns different architectonical styles:

A beautiful example of balance and fusion between the gothic and the romantic styles, even if it maintains some own single
characteristics. Artists like Arnoldo di Cambio and Lorenzo Maitani, as well as many others, participated to the different phases of its planning and building.

Marvellous, inside the cathedral, the two chapels containing the fresco of some of the major Italian painters, like the famous “Universal Judgment” of Luca Signorelli.


Going to the discovery of Orvieto, a visit to the Pozzo di San Patrizio is a must: an ancient well for the water supply in case of siege. The well was commissioned by Pope Clement VII. A fascinating work able to throw the visitors back in the time and separate them from the daily frenetic life.

The same goes for the Pozzo Della Cava, a recently discovered well which was dig in the tuff by hand. It is composed by two parts: the first, the bigger, has a round section with a mean diameter of about 3 meters; the second, the smaller, has a rectangular section (60×80 centimeters sides) and presents the traditional Etruscan “pedarole”, i.e. the incisions of the lateral walls aimed to allow the descent and the return from the well itself.

Those are just a few of the marvels to be seen in the Umbrian town. A walk through Orvieto is a way to rediscover the lost serenity, letting yourself get transported by the beauties offered by this tows: not just a walk in the historical centre, but to the discovery of the countryside around too. In those charming lands it is possible to see different farmhouses and country homes. Great Estate wants to show you two:


“La Fattoria Del Frantoio”


A property characterized by a strong historic tone and some evocative details. Composed by many buildings – an ancient farm house, a mill and a small church – “La Fattoria Del Frantoio” is surrounded by more than 30 hectares of land, with a private swimming pool and a park. From here, it is possible to see a breath-taking landscape: the amazing Umbrian and Tuscan hills and countryside, their hamlets and the “magical” cliff covered by Orvieto itself.

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“L’Antico Leccio”


The old holm oak looking over its main façade makes this farmhouse be a real historic taste house. Externally, “L’Antico Leccio”, currently used as an agritourism, is realized in stone. Perfectly renovated, it is surrounded by 7 hectares of land that includes 700 olive trees. The location is beautiful: from here, it is possible to admire both the amazing town of Orvieto and some romantic sunsets.


To discover those and all the others prestigious properties for sale proposed by Great Estate in Orvieto, as well as in Umbria and Tuscany, visit our website


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