Nadia Manuela Aron: I will never forget the “Poggitello” sale

Nadia Manuela Aron: I will never forget the “Poggitello” sale

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Nadia Manuela Aron, a real estate agent and native of Germany. She is a Great Estate partner and the group consultant for the German clientele who wants to buy a property in Italy. Nadia will tell us about her experience with the Umbrian “L’Oasi Del Poggitello” sale, realized in collaboration with our group.
Thanks to the collaboration with the G.E. group, I could live a really touching professional experience: the sale of “L’Oasi Del Poggitello”, purchased by a German couple, Sonja and Andreas, for who I did a research work of a year and a half.

They found me through my German website and, since the very first information, phone calls and emails exchanged, an extremely positive energy came to light. They were looking for an important property and the fact that they had chosen me as their “My Agent” or exclusive agent made me very glad.

We travelled Tuscany a lot. In order to report my impressions about the properties that, with the time passing, have become similar to their wishes, I went to see some properties by my own too.

Sonja and Andreas had decided to do a life choice: to move permanently in Italy. For this reason, during the research phase, I felt more responsible than ever.

In the Great Estate website, I identified a property which emanated an very particular brightness, charm and beauty.. so, something that immediately caught my attention. From the splendid photos of the property, I started to read its description: well-finished, precise and punctual. I contacted the Great Estate head office to obtain more information about it. I was really pleasured to discover that the real estate agent in charge of the property was my friend Valter Luciani (click here to read his article). After a sort conversation with him and having taken into account the fact that Sonja and Andreas had decided to permanently move to Italy with their mother too, Valter understood the kind of properties needed by them.

Indeed, I remember him saying:

“..L’Oasi Del Poggitello is the right property: two independent farmhouses, fenced-in park, not too distant from the main connecting roads, but with privacy and a very well finished atmosphere, beautiful and with an amazing swimming pool, enough to appear as a true oasis.

And I said: “, let’s go to see it..!”

I decided to do the first visit to the property by my own, without the clients. I remember that the owners were exquisite and very kind, precisely answering to any question I did: I understood that “L’Oasi Del Poggitello” was really “their home”, built to be daily lived and not to be used just as a holiday home. Soon I convinced myself that this property could have been the right one for my clients. At the end of the visit, Valter gave my all the documents needed. I met Sonja and Andreas some days after and I said them that, in my opinion, I had found their “ideal home”. We fixed a visits-day during which, in addition to “L’Oasi Del Poggitello” (click here to discover it), we had to go to other two properties too.

When we arrived to the farmhouse, Sonja and Andreas immediately appreciated its beauty. In fact, two weeks later, they want to organize another visit to the property. In this case, Valter was the organizer.

Finally, the moment has come: this time, Sonja and Andreas would have purchased the right property. They had already prepared a check to leave as an irrevocable proposal. In the meantime, the owners arrived too. it was clear that something was going on.. a positive energy was in the air and it can be felt only before a very important event!

During Valter’s introduction, I remember our concentration, being aware of be very close to a possible sale. The owners had gave the assignment to sale to the Great Estate in June, which means just three months before. They were a little surprised about the fact that, in a so short time, the right buyer could have come. For this reason, Valter specified that, thanks to The Best Price, the Great Estate software (click here to discover more about it), the right marketing value of their property had been point out, so there would have not be long negotiations or price reductions.

Sonja and Andreas talked alone for a while. Then they asked me to communicate their offering price and to give the check to the owners. Those were extremely moved: not because of the offer itself, but because they understood to be at the point of leaving their home, the place where they lived for more than forty years.

I remember long tense moments: no one was speaking, Sonja and Andreas did not understand the situation, so they had even started to think to have hurt someone. At the end, the owner’s wife, with a great affection, caressed her husband and said: “.. It is the right moment. Those people will take care of this house as we did..” .. “.. That’s fine..”, answered the husband. I have to admit that some tears fell to me too. We hugged and kissed all. The new and the old owners exchanged their own email addresses. I know that they are still in contact.

I am sure that I will never forget this sale.

Nadia Manuela Aron

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