New sale in Sardinia

New sale in Sardinia

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This is a new example of how professionalism and fairness has lead to great results, Luca Bonifaci from Great Estate & Chesterton real estate group, tells us about his latest sale.

Luca, what type of property are we talking about?

It was a beautiful apartment with a lovely garden in a luxury residential area surrounded by a large green park, swimming pool, tennis courts and only 300 metres from a beautiful free beach.

In what area of Sardinia is the property located?

3 km from Porto Rotondo, an exclusive area where, even today, prices remain high despite the economic downturn.

The people who bought the apartment, were they Italians or foreigners?

Italians. I had contacted them specifically for this very unique property that they had already visited in the summer.

So a long negotiation?

It was normal. As I said, the clients had viewed the property in August and again in September and then they signed the deed of sale in January.

How important is the professionalism of the estate agent in these negotiations?

Very important because the real estate agent must give their clients appropriate attention, both sellers and buyers alike, to resolve any issues, and all this takes time because negotiations can take months.

You talked about an area that has maintained its high asking price, in this case then, was the property purchased at the asking price?

No, with negotiation, it had been lowered a bit under the asking price. Just one of those cases in which an estate agent has such an important role to satisfy both parties.

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