Picasso’s “Antro del Minotauro”: from the French Riviera to Brunei

Picasso’s “Antro del Minotauro”: from the French Riviera to Brunei

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Picasso’s Villa in the French Riviera, known as “L’Antro del Minotauro” and last residence of the founder of Cubism, has been sold at auction for more than 20 million euros.

An overwhelming wisteria waterfall wrapping and painting violet the main façade. An incomparable sea view over the French Riviera. Two large swimming pools and golf courts, a SPA and a hammam, indoor stone rooms dominated by the essentiality of the furniture. These are just some of the features of the splendid Villa “Mas de Notre Dame de Vie”, also known as “L’Antro del Minotauro”. Pablo Picasso spent the last thirteen years of his life in this marvellous property, located in Mougins, near Cannes. This sumptuous mansion, recently restored in contemporary style, boasts exceptional dimensions, being included among the most magnificent in southern France. This villa has also a great artistic value: in fact, “L’Antro del Minotauro” still preserves some works of the major artist, such as for example frescoes and a sculpture made in a column.

This French Riviera property is marked by a tragedy too: Jacqueline Roque, Picasso’s second wife, killed herself in this residence in 1986.

The dream mansion has recently become reality for a wealthy investor from Brunei: he got to win it at auction for an astronomical price, more than 20 million euros!

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