The Sale of “Torre Trevina” a leopoldina style property

The Sale of “Torre Trevina” a leopoldina style property

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The previous week there was sold a leopoldina country house with a typical tower, a few steps from the road leading to the natural reserve of Monte Rufeno in the municipality of Acquapendente.

The property is fully restored and retains a lot of its original features.

Entering the main building we can see a typical country oven and on the right – a large living room with arches, a dining room with a large fireplace and a large bright kitchen while on the left, there is a second living room with an access to a comfortable bedroom with a private bathroom.

The entrance of the first floor lies through an impressive brick-vaulted staircase that leads to a hallway. On this floor there is a large living room with a fireplace and six bedrooms; three bedrooms with a private bathroom and the rest are served by a common bathroom with shower.

Outside, there is a terraced courtyard overlooking a beautiful garden with pergola, a private swimming pool with a magnificent view of the Tuscan and Lazio countryside, disseminated with medieval villages on the hilly profiles.

The property was sold with 13.500 sqm of land with orchard and olive grove and with a comfortable annexe, which can be transformed into accommodation.

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The previous owners of this beautiful farmhouse between Lazio and Tuscany are from Rome; they have being owned this property for almost thirty years. For them, Torre Trevina was an escape from the busy city life and from everyday problems, where they can enjoy the tranquillity and immerse themselves in a healthy and natural environment rich in flavours and fragrances.

After so many years, things have changed and they grudgingly decided to sell the property entrusting it to Valter Luciani, Italian Property Consultant of Great Estate.

«That is the trust to our agency’s sales, as Great Estate is the right decision for high visibility on the national and international level.

We have quickly explained our methodology and the steps of property acquisition to the sellers, emphasizing the most important and fundamental step – the evaluation, because the sale’s price is the crucial point of the successful operation.

Visiting the property for its valuation, we were very impressed by this building and its typical and historical characteristics, by its leopoldina tower that soars from the original stone facades. Some issues, such as the immediate proximity to the main road, made it clear that the sale would not be so easy and quick but with a fair evaluation and consideration of these aspects, we signed the mandate of sale.

Confident and full of willingness, we have done a beautiful presentation with a detailed description and excellent photo shoot.

The difficult point of the market and unfavourable situation of the proximity to the road did not prevent us; and we, with patience and numerous visits by national and international clients, have achieved the goal and found people interested in this property thanks to our advertising and numerous facilities of Great Estate.

The first potential buyer made an offer that did not satisfy the sellers and, unfortunately, was not concluded. But we were close to the goal. With the second buyer, thanks to the teamwork of our colleague Tommaso and director Stefano Petri, we managed to conclude the negotiations and sell this beautiful property to French clients who came from our international channels. All this was possible thanks to the teamwork in a process of which patience, tenacity and experience are united in order to obtain a great result.

Yes! We should say that one of the Great Estate’s strongest points is teamwork, a large group made up of so many people: consultants, sellers, translators, graphic designers, technicians and other professionals who work together to reach the goal.

There are few agencies that can boast such a complete and functional group in continuous growth, development and renovation that always searches new methods and strategies for client service, offering professionalism and results, like in this case and in many other sales that have been already closed.

In this regard, we invite everyone who wants to sell or buy a property to discover our services on where we offer a virtual walk on our website and then, by making an appointment, personally experience our facilities and plunge into the wonderful world of real estate».

Torre Trevina – cpge001029 – Viterbo, Acquapendente

by Valter Luciani

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