Second homes: who are the buyers?

Second homes: who are the buyers?

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In a challenging scenario, with a recovery yet far away, there still are people who invest in Italy for their second homes. Let’s analyse the typical buyer.


The scenario we defined in the previous articles is very real. Luckily, though, there still are people who decide to purchase a home in Italy. Who are they?


  1. Firstly, foreigners: even considering all we said in the previous articles, Italy keeps attracting international clients. Foreign buyers interested in our Bel Paese are constantly increasing, although the countries from which they come are different every year.

    Whoever wants to sell an important property in Italy will have to rely on experienced consultants, just like Great Estate group. Their twenty-year experience in managing both properties and buyers, combined with mother tongue or Italian professionals who speak many languages, make them the perfect assistance a seller may need.

    It should be mentioned that buyers are becoming more aware of real estate values and of the property they want to purchase. Every property needs to be presented at its very best (with pictures, translations, video with drones, etc), but also, and above all, at the most objective market value. International clients are used to “fair” businesses, so they will not consider overpriced estates.

    Last but not least, these buyers are perfectly aware of the huge amount of homes for sale in Italy. Therefore, they expect to make a good investment.
    If an owner decides to sell his property at a too high price, he will have to face a delay in the sale, with the certainty of a further drop of real estate values in the next years.

    To sell important properties to international clients, therefore, you need to:

    Compile an objective evaluation of the estate.
    Present the property in the best possible way.
    Entrust yourself to a trustworthy, professional and worldwide known agency.

    Great Estate can help the sellers through the process, thanks to its long-standing experience and its many successes (visit our website to see the properties sold).

  2.  The buyers are also Italian clients. Why?

    These few ones purchase a second home to diversify their investments. Nowadays, it is hardly convenient (and even dangerous) to hold money on financial investments. Due to that and to the lowest real estate values in the last 20 years, the Italian buyers restarted purchasing second homes, especially in important cities, in order to rent out the houses to tourists.

    Even though it has always been able to find this kind of clients, not even a structured organization such as Great Estate could sell overpriced properties. We have often been accused of selling homes off, but I personally reply that a sharp smartness is required to objectively analyse a certain historical period and the related datas.

Entrust yourselves to a group of professionals with perfect knowledge of the market datas, avant-garde IT tools and long-standing experience, in order to receive the best possible consultancy.


Clearly, we want to “defend” the value and the peculiarity of our properties, but it often happens that these wrongful thoughts lead us to extreme situations where it becomes necessary to sell at all costs: that’s when many clients tell us “If only I had listened to you!”.

We are used to always speak the truth about the properties we have been presented and to refuse requests which won’t be able to bring to any positive outcome. Many sellers initially dislike this approach, but the ones who listened to us have always been rewarded.

I myself am astonished every day that real estate values are so low.


I want to close my long analysis with this thought: it is better to base our choices and our future on an uncomfortable truth than on an easy lie.


Stefano Petri




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