Smart Currency Exchange and Great Estate: the first bilateral conference

Smart Currency Exchange and Great Estate: the first bilateral conference

Press Office Sep 12, 2016 No Comments
The first conference with Smart Currency Exchange Ltd has just finished. The London company is very proud of this new cooperation.

Diana, you are the Project Manager of the company. What do you think about this meeting?

I am very glad about it! I think that it was our most interesting Italian meeting of the year. To be honest, I had the possibility to talk with more than one hundred real estate agents and, to the present, Stefano Petri is a real discovery for the real estate!

He proposed some very innovative ideas and business solutions!

The GE Method is brilliant. Marketing and communication too.

Professionalism, fairness and a great methodology.

The Best Price presentation “is ingenious”!

This is the first time I had the possibility to admire a project like this in our sector.

Are your expectations confirmed?

Absolutely yes.

Smart Currency Exchange Ltd and Overseas Guide Company found a new partner – Great Estate – with which share both a great working method and values.

In front of a so professional, young and dynamic group as yours, we are sure to be able to create some common synergies able to grant us different satisfactions!

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Marianna Gaiotto

International Sales Consultant - Great Estate Network

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