Villa in Clitunno: interview with Pier Domenico Gervasi

Villa in Clitunno: interview with Pier Domenico Gervasi

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Just sold splendid villa in Campello sul Clitunno, in the province of Perugia: we interview Pier Domenico Gervasi, real estate agent of ex owners.

Could you tell us when you acquired this property and how you convinced the clients to rely the sale on Great Estate?

I acquired Villa Ma Provance about two years ago. The vendors contacted me through one common personal acquaintance. We fixed an appointment during which they showed their wish to sell.

It was not necessary to convince them: once I had described them our everyday work, the four owners decided to entrust us an exclusive assignment.

You have advertised the property with really interesting and quick results. As for you, what are the reasons of this performance?

First of all, I believe that the property is worthwhile: very attractive and well maintained in every detail. The park, the rooms, the upholstery were constantly kept carefully by the owners and by the caretakers of the villa.

However, a beautiful property will not receive the visibility it deserves without adequate advertising, through the most visible and effective national and international circuits.

In this sense, Great Estate is certainly an excellent choice.

The constant investment in marketing brings its fruit every day and this sale is one of the numerous confirmations.

You have sold the farmhouse to English clients, residents in the Wiltshire county, on the South-West of England. What can you tell us about this sphere of market and about this type of international clients?

The real estate market in Umbria and Tuscany attracts numerous tourists from the United Kingdom. The stone houses, the roofs and the wooden gutters are details appreciated by English people. In recent years, despite the crisis that has hit the real estate world, Great Estate has always managed to achieve a lot with this type of clients, thanks to the overseas visibility.

How did you collaborate with Suzanne who managed the buyers? I am aware of fact that you have worked well in team, haven’t you?

Suzanne is an excellent collaborator as well as an effective interlocutor. We have dealt with urban and town planning issues, started but not finished in the past, with this villa in Campello sul Clitunno. The clients have entrusted to me, as a technical more than a real estate agent, the task of tidying and concluding of this pending. We tried to carry out the whole job in a few months; it was not so simple, but in the end, we achieved our objective in a quite short time.

Facing with all this, Suzanne has done more than a good job and has been able to manage, in excellent way, the buyers, very eager to be possessed of the villa in Clitunno as soon as possible.

Therefore, I would say “an excellent teamwork” is the right definition of what we have done!

I know that Stefano Petri was present in this negotiation as an important interlocutor; why the team work is so important?

Yes, the work of mine and of Suzanne was not enough. The sellers had in their minds one determine price for sale of the villa in Clitunno. Unfortunately, as it often happens, that price was too much out-of-the-market reference value. Considering this, the intervention of Stefano Petri, CEO of the Group, was essential. Stefano tried to explain the owners that one villa, even if it is splendid and in a perfect state of repair, would not have big probability to be sold if it does not have an adequate market value.

Did you achieve satisfying results? Do you agree with the moto “Strength in numbers”?

I remain satisfied working in a Group like Great Estate: the professional assistance that we can offer our clients is an important aspect in our work as real estate agents.

Actually, we had a sale requiring some verifications and controls before going ahead to a Notary. To arrive to a notarial deed with all documentation in order is fundamentally and we are disposed for this, too. In fact, the region of Umbria is rich in ancient villages with the houses built in times when there were not many strict regulations comparing with nowadays: here, our activity is even more essential.

What could you advise those who do not manage to sell the property?

If somebody cannot sell a beautiful farmhouse or a beautiful villa to those loving Italy and its area, it means, on my opinion, that they ask a non-reasonable price. This is, undoubtedly, the main cause, as for me.

Therefore, Great Estate always proposes market values for the acquired properties which are the most suitable as possible. Sometimes, the owners can disagree, in a comprehensible way, to give their property an affective value. And despite this, we at Great Estate consider that the most appropriate and the most professional aspect is to show our clients the reality of the real estate world: nobody buys a property, albeit beautiful and of great value, for an off-market price.

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