Spoleto, another Umbrian city hosting Great Estate Network

Spoleto, another Umbrian city hosting Great Estate Network

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For Spoleto, we interview Pier Domenico Gervasi, real estate agent of Great Estate Network and co-responsable for the territory of Umbria.

I would like to ask you how long do you work as a real estate agent? Did you do any other jobs before?

Hello, I work as a real estate agent for five years. Previously, and even now I am continuing my career as a geometer. For a long time, I together with four architects was a co-owner of one cooperative that deals with design and renovation.

We worked on such a large project in the Spoleto area like the restoration of the new Theatre. We also participated in the reconstruction works in Aquila, after the earthquake in 2009.

Have you been collaborating with Great Estate from its opening or you joined them later? How long do you work as a real estate agent with Great Estate?

I started my career of a real estate agent with Great Estate. Together with my current colleagues we decided to start this activity with the brand of The Group.

Why did you decide to open a real estate agency with the Great Estate brand but not as an autonomous one?

I have started to cultivate the idea of opening a new Real Estate agency a few years ago: I wanted to diversify my activities and to pass from the planning to the sale of houses! Of course, my choice was not accidental.

I know Stefano Petri, CEO of Great Estate, for many years. We are connected by mutual respect. It was him who proposed me this project, in spite of a fact that Spoleto and the surrounding areas are full of real estate agencies.

The method, the professionalism, the approach and the care about the client, the typology of the properties that Great Estate deals with are the fundamental aspects that led me to this choice.

Great Estate is not a simple real estate agency: it is a Group of professionals with much experience and know-how services for national and international clients.

What are the advantages and the strong points of entrance to the real market under this band?

Great Estate is a well-known brand on the national and, first of all, on the international level. The new partner of the Group can use the know-hows invented by the professionals of the Group, the online managing system and all the organizational structure, well-drilled and already tested.

Not forget about the visibility acquired in recent years: The Group is present in the most important international circuits of this sector.

The new partner, entering the real estate market with this brand, is, therefore, already strong in everything, with undeniable advantages from the first year of activity.

What aspects of the collaboration with Great Estate would you integrate or would make more efficient?

To tell the truth, nothing comes to my mind at this moment. Maybe because Great Estate is always looking for improvement, despite the high quality level that is already offered to the clients.

The group has already set out the new development project on the national territory through the business solutions for clients and partner real estate agencies; what do you think about the advertising solutions, about The Best Price and about new online managing system?

These are the very important tools. Very soon, The Best Price, the new project presented by Great Estate together with one IT company dealing with geolocation, and together with three Italian University Professors , will offer all the professionals of the Group and all the clients even more serious and reliable property evaluation, being able to coordinate the work of all agents.

The product of this great investment will not only accelerate the achievement of the goal (the sale) but also optimise the time expanses for the complete evaluation of the real estates.

As for the new online managing system, it will improve the everyday work of the Group, improving the quality of the presentation of the rich portfolio of properties available to clients. Their visibility, thanks to the important investment in marketing made by Great Estate, will be even more effective.

To conclude, how do you see the future of your branch in Spoleto considering all these innovations that will be activated soon by Great Estate Partners? What results do you expect from this collaboration?

You know, we, in Spoleto, have grew very much in recent few years. The only aspect to improve is to increase the number of acquisitions in this area. We are satisfied with the sales closed in the last three years, especially considering the historical moment we are living in.

However, the sales very often are directly proportional properties available in the database, so we still have to work on this.
It is necessary to explain the owners of beautiful villas and farmhouses in the area that every day Great Estate works on their properties, making them visible all over the world with the presentation valorising their real estates in the best way.

Out new collaborator, Filippo Cori, coming from the large real estate company, has recently entered Great Estate and now is helping us in this, thanks to his large working experience.

So, I am sure that we will achieve satisfying results!

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