Smart Currency Exchange, financial London-based company, signs an important agreement with Great Estate

Smart Currency Exchange, financial London-based company, signs an important agreement with Great Estate

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Smart Currency Exchange Ltd, a London-based company, leader on the Italian market that offers currency exchange service for international transactions, recently has signed an important agreement with Great Estate Immobiliare after the careful research among the various national real estate groups.

We introduce Diana Bellew, Project Manager of the company.

Hello, Diana. Could you tell us about yourself? Where are you from?

Hello everybody, I am Diana, a Project Manager of Smart Currency Exchange Ltd. I have a diploma of Cambridge University (United Kingdom) in Latin, Greek and Italian. I have always loved Italy and started to discover it from my childhood. Before University and even during my studying, I worked in Genova, visited Sardinia, lived in Florence. There, I started up a currency exchange agency on Via dei Calzaiuoli that continued to expand in Borgo San Lorenzo and, not the last, in Rome, in Piazza di Spagna. At that time, I had the opportunity to cultivate many contacts developed thanks to the new job I had undertaken: I became a Commercial Director and Business Development Director of a large company with more than a hundred offices around Italy.

This experience in Rome allowed me to travel a lot, to gain new experience and to widen my numerous contacts.

Then, I moved to South Africa for five years for personal reasons (my marriage) but I missed a lot this Beautiful Country and I decided to turn back to Italy.

In February, I came to know and entered Smart Currency Exchange thanks to one of my contacts: the CEO, the founder of this company in 2004.

What does your company do? What is your function there?

Smart Currency Exchange Ltd is a London-based company, authorised as FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in 2004. It occupies money transfer for international transactions and makes them safe, fast and efficient. We help our clients to avoid the risk in foreign currency movements. Our company has more than 30,000 active private clients and branches in Spain and Portugal.

It is one of the leading agencies on the Italian market that offers financial services. I am a Project Manager of Business Development area in Italy.

How and when did you find Great Estate?

I came to know Great Estate through the personal acquaintance which comes from international circuit of Rightmove a few months ago. Smart Currency Exchange was looking for a Real Estate Group, present almost on the whole national territory to establish a new partnership with it. This person told me at once about Great Estate and added that he should introduce me to you.

But that is not all: searching for some contacts in Google I can see you on the first line.

Not the last, one common acquaintance from Fidea Mutui, agency in Marche that works mostly with international clients told me about Mr. Stefano Marini, a partner of Great Estate for years, who I have contacted in short time and thanks to his extraordinary availability, it was possible for me to have a meeting with Mr. Stefano Petri, CEO of Great Estate Immobiliare.

Shortly speaking, a chain of people and circumstances has done its work, from the first steps of this research, Great Estate has emerged with all its grandeur!

Could you tell us about this new collaboration with our Group? What does it include?

We have signed two agreements with Great Estate Immobiliare: the first is inherent to the service of money transfer that the Group can offer its clients now together with all other services already available for them.

The second agreement was signed with Overseas Guide Company, the leader of overseas real estate consultancy that deals with the clients from all over the world who wish to buy a property abroad.

According to this agreement, Great Estate Immobiliare can receive introduced clients, already qualified by the mentioned company, and help them in their choice and real estate investments.

Why did you choose Great Estate?

We have done the search among the Real Estate Groups, more visible in Italy, and Great Estate seemed us suitable in all the characteristic we were looking for: presence on the territory of Italy (Great Estate covers well seven regions), handling the clients in efficient, courteous and professional way, the Head Office able to manage our collaboration totally, without any additional links with all other partners of the Group.

What were your first impressions from the contacts with Great Estate professionals? Were they at your disposal? Did you find them qualified and affable?

“It’s amazing!!!”

Diana answers this question with real enthusiasm, glad to have found such serious professionals, able to resolve any doubts and satisfy any requests quickly and efficiently. Diana remains positively surprised with this aspect as she has already faced with significant difference between Italy and United Kingdom.

She hopes and believes that the partnership with Great Estate will be rich in great satisfactions and that in the nearest months we will see the first results.

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