Stefano Petri: “Il Poggitello” sale confirms the validity of the Great Estate method

Stefano Petri: “Il Poggitello” sale confirms the validity of the Great Estate method

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The comment of the CEO of the group, Stefano Petri, about the extraordinary “L’Oasi Del Poggitello” farmhouse sale (Umbria). Last September, thanks to the perfect team-work of the real estate consultants Valter Luciani, Nadia Aron and Stefano Petri himself, it was closed in a record time.

The sale of “L’Oasi Del Poggitello” confirmed how performing the Great Estate preparation is.

First of all, a right marketing valuation realized through both our marketing knowledge and the great support of our IT tool, the The Best price (read here our article about it).

A high quality graphic and descriptive property presentation which perfectly represents its beauty (discover it here), together with the urbanistic, cadastral and fiscal analysis, regularisation activities and the great visibility of our marketing tools were all activities that allowed us, in collaboration with an Italian-German agency too, to find the right buyer in a very short time (three months after the assignment of sale sign).

My last reflection, and not for importance, is referred to the great clients management skills which allowed to satisfy all, granting so the best result for every party.

Finally, I want to congratulate myself with Valter and Nadia who dealt with the clients, with the help of all the tools we created during the time too…

I believe that this sale (click here to read the Valter Luciani’s article about it) truly represents a great satisfaction. This is also another confirmation of how our know-how can makes us reach every results, especially when the clients entrust themselves to our experience and consultations.


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