Great Estate and Via Dei Colli: a winning partnership in 2018 too

Great Estate and Via Dei Colli: a winning partnership in 2018 too

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Stefano Petri, with great pride, reports the 2018 analysis about an already consolidated partnership: the one between our group and Via Dei Colli Immobiliare, managed by Mr. Stefano Calafà.

With regards to the collaboration between our group and Via Dei Colli Immobiliare, perfectly managed by our colleague and friend Stefano Calafà, the 2018 has been a year full of satisfactions.

I am very proud of that: together with Via Dei Colli, we operated the advertisement of about 80 properties, mainly located in Umbria, as well as we managed the relationship with about a hundred of buyers and four vendors. Those are important figures which allowed the agency run by Stefano Calafà to close nine sales, four of which through the partnership between the two businesses.

We started the year with the sale of this amazing farmhouse in Todi to some GE Luxembourger clients:

Before continuing with the following:

So, those were all great results: prestigious properties sales which created more than 6 millions of euros of sell out. It happened thanks to a collaboration which confirms as the purposes and methodology union and the share can bring to them.

Regarding this partnership future, I hope and believe that it will increase. My confidence comes from the awareness that, between the two agencies – and between my friend Stefano Calafà and I -, in addition to some strong common bases, an incessant open and respectful debate aimed to find all the possible ways for improvement stands.

Via Dei Colli is continuously growing thanks to the collaboration with new and even more trained and resourceful professionals, as well as the advertisement and IT support of GE that allowed the creation of a so innovative system.

I am very proud of what we have done till today and I really trust in our brilliant “shared future”.


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