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Who purchases prestigious properties in Italy? The increasing of the international buyers

The most recent sales of the best Italian prestigious properties demonstrate how international buyers are the main purchasers of this kind of properties. Today, things are truly changed: the time when luxury properties passed from Italians to Italians has ended.

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Great Estate on Ville&Casali: the Argentario real estate market

In August, the famous monthly dedicated a reportage to the areas of Maremma and Argentario, including some news about their real estate market. Elisa Biglia, the person in charge for the GEP partner agency in Monte Argentario, as well as

The Argentario coast: a paradise of beaches to find out

The Argentario coast is a promontory rich of typical small towns, nature and sea: a journey across the most fascinating beaches. Walking through alleys and narrow paths surrounded by green, we can reach beautiful bays and take a dip in

The show of the light blue Argentatio sea: Villa Vista Giglio

A unique property surrounded by a luxuriant garden and overlooking the Argentario coast: we present you “Villa Vista Giglio”. Relaxing yourself at sunset while sipping a drink and making yourself be brushed by the sea breeze.. a privilege for the

The Argentario coast and its beating heart: Porto Santo Stefano

Among the innumerable Tuscan gems, it’s impossible to forget the extraordinary territory that surrounds the Monte Argentario promontory: the heart of this marvelous land, Porto Santo Stefano. Everyone knows or has heard something about the amazing Argentario coast, in the

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