The Almond Blossom Festival, Agrigento, Sicily

The Almond Blossom Festival, Agrigento, Sicily

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Since 1934, one of the most famous event of the entire region is held in Agrigento: the Almond Blossom Festival. From February, 6thto March, 12th2017, the amazing Templi Valley will host the 72th festival edition, where traditions will be the protagonists. Folkloristic groups will come from everywhere. The event will start with a great tour, during sunset, into the Templi Valley. Then, in front of the Concordia Temple, the friendship-torch lighting will take place too.

The most important moment of this event is during its closing, when, from the town to the Templi Valley, folkloristic groups will parade with the Sicilian carts and the marching bands. Moreover, there is always an artistic closing show, held in front of the Concordia Temple. In front of the Hercules temple, instead, there will be the award ceremony. The award consists on a Castore and Polluce Temple representation and it is given by an international panel: groups will be awarded on the basis of those who were wearing the best traditional costumes and had danced and/or singed better than the others.

Of course, there will be also almond tastes, the real protagonists of this kermess. An unmissable event owing the right credential to be one of the best in Italy. Indeed, the mix between the amazing Templi Valley and the blooming almond tree Omero’s myth, as well as the Sicilian traditions, will make spring start before in a so fairy place.

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