“I cipressi che a Bolgheri alti e schietti van da San Guido in duplice filar”: Bolgheri, a timeless beauty

“I cipressi che a Bolgheri alti e schietti van da San Guido in duplice filar”: Bolgheri, a timeless beauty

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Mr. Bartolomei, the legal representative of the company owing the exclusive Resort in Bolgheri, presents us this amazing touristic accommodation.

Good morning Mr. Bartolomei. May you tell us something about this luxury resort, its history and quality?

Good morning. The Bolgheri Resort is part of the “Borgo Giovanni Bartolomei”, created from my dad’s farm business: a man who, in the ‘50s, had to left his homeland – the Marche region – in favour of Tuscany, looking for a better future for his family.

Today, this hamlet owes its name to him.

His love for nature and for this land have been passed down to his children, among who me, and to his grandchildren. During the time, my family and I realized, with great attention and efforts, what it today is: “Borgo Giovanni Bartolomei”.

Inside this hamlet, this amazing and independent Resort and twenty small villas, each one with its own entrance and garden, stand.

Bolgheri view and landscape, together with our time and work, transformed this traditional master home into one of the best Resort of the region.

A relaxing and wellness oasis including twelve apartments, every one of which with a beautiful gemstone name.

Airy lateral loggias, a panoramic attic on the roof, porticos, gardens, breath-taking views are just a few of the main features of this apartments. 

The sunset images of this places lives in every single guest we had the pleasure to meet.

The resort is located in one of the worldwide most famous Italian hamlets: Bolgheri. Why do you consider profitable an investment in this area?

Bolgheri, a small and famous district of the Castagneto Carducci municipality, in the province of Livorno.

The reputation and prestige obtained during the years come from the famous DOC wine produced in this area, as well as from the Italian poet Giosoè Carducci. Indeed, through his “Davanti a San Guido” poem, this poet made Bolgheri and the Boulevard of Cypresses even more famous.

“”To us and to the oaks thou mayest confide 
Thine own heart’s grief and all that mortal sadness. 
Behold how calm, how blue yon ocean wide, 
As therein sinks the sun with smiling gladness.”

Given the exceptional microclimate of the area, the wine production is successful. Surely, this has a great financial value: not just for the product commercialization, but also for the yearly tourists amount.

The wine and food tourism has become fundamental for the economy of this land. The Resort is precisely in the middle of all of this: immersed into the Castagneto Carducci countryside, at just five minutes from the sea.

For this reason, the importance of a possible investment is very clear. But it is not all.

My family, by focusing on hospitality and by offering some guests common areas, created a great touristic accommodation.

Our Resort needs a person interested to this so rare pearl and with the ambition and skills to make it become even more greater.

We know that we did not have enjoyed of all the opportunities offered by the Resort, both because of our family original job and other circumstances: indeed, part of our large family decided to work in other fields too.

A prestigious restaurant and, why not, a wine house owing a private location inside the hamlet. Those are just a few of the business possibilities to be realized here.

Surely, our guests will really appreciate it. And, with them, a potential investor too.

Essentially, immersed into an oasis, the property surface is of more than 550 sqm.

Often, our guests, so accustomed to the large cities chaos, “are quite scared by the tranquillity of this places”.

We know that, every year, the Resort enjoys the presence of some loyal customers, is that true? Please, tell us something about the secrets of your success.

Of course, the Resort has different loyal customers. Obviously, for all the reasons I have already explained before: our location plays a fundamental role.

Moreover, both the great marketing work did during the last years, as well as the beauty of the property itself, were fundamental too.

However, the guests’ word of mouth is the real strength of the Resort success.

The offered services quality is paying us back of all the efforts we did, which is very satisfying for my family.

Which kind of services does the Resort offer?

Currently, the Resort, in addition to the possibility to stay in an amazing area, offers a large variety of services: a beautiful swimming pool immersed into the Bolgheri countryside, a tennis camp, a pic-nic area, a barbecue area, a lounge bar area and the sea, at just five minutes from here.

How did you discover GE and why did you decide to entrust yourself to our Group?

I discovered Great Estate while surfing the net: our Group was looking for prestigious properties for some Belgian clients, so I decided to propose myself.

However, in that case, our budget was higher.

From that moment, after having met Mr. Antonio Anile, I decided to start this collaboration. From the very first moment, I had immediately a really good impression.

For the first time in my life, I decided to sign an exclusive assignment for sale: the services offered by the Group are incredible. Moreover, Antonio Anile’s and his staff’s professionalism had finally convinced me. 

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