The beauty of the Trasimeno Lake and its landscapes: La Vista Incantata farmhouse

The beauty of the Trasimeno Lake and its landscapes: La Vista Incantata farmhouse

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After having told you about one of the most fascinating area of the green heart of Italy – the incredible landscape around the Trasimeno Lake, Umbria -, we want to propose you an amazing farmhouse in this places.

Today, and with a great pleasure, we introduce you an Umbrian traditional home located in a small district of Castiglione Del Lago, 10 minutes by car from the Trasimeno Lake: “La Vista Incantata” farmhouse.

Two are the main features of this property: its location – near to all the services but surrounded by nature – and the beautiful panoramic view that can be seen from the farmhouse.

“La Vista Incantata” (read here the property tab) is the perfect home for everyone who wants to purchase an Umbrian traditional farmhouse with the possibility to be personalized too. Indeed, this property has been renovated in the ’80s. Even if it does not have any structural damage, it needs some renovation works that can be easily done following the desires of the new owner.

The rooms of “La Vista Incantata” are extremely high. Moreover, the authenticity of this home can be seen in elements like the fireplace in the old kitchen at the ground floor too.

Going out the farmhouse, instead, we find ourselves in a large and luxuriant park: cedars, walnuts, cypresses, almond trees, cherry-trees, pomegranate trees, pines, agaves, roses, olive trees catch our look.


Click here to obtain every detail about “La Vista Incantata” farmhouse. To discover all the beauties and the opportunities that the Trasimeno offers, keep reading the Great Estate Magazine.


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