The creation of a large shared project: the sale of “Borgo Delle Grazie Toscane.”

The creation of a large shared project: the sale of “Borgo Delle Grazie Toscane.”

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Not a simple sale, but the creation of a shared project between buyer and seller, made possible thanks to Great Estate.
It is the sale of “Borgo Delle Grazie Toscane,” a wonderful accommodation facility located in Umbria, in the immediate vicinity of the historic village of Città della Pieve.

In May the sale of the property known as “Borgo Delle Grazie Toscane” was signed, a dream that has come true for an Italian couple.
A great outcome for our group, whose value is around one million euros.

The seriousness, professionalism and attention to the client and their needs demonstrated by our consultants, in particular Valter Luciani for the seller and Roberto Biggera for the purchaser, were fundamental.

Thanks to their hard work, the needs of both parties involved were able to find a meeting point and make possible the shared development of an ambitious project.

The “Borgo Delle Grazie Toscane” is a property with a history that dates back almost 10 years ago, years in which it remained on the market despite being advertised by various agencies on the major portals.

A little village immersed in the countryside between Umbria and Tuscany, consisting of several farmhouses and rooms ideal for the construction of a splendid accommodation facility surrounded by vineyards, orchards, olive groves and agricultural land with excellent organic production.

After a long stalemate, between the end of 2021 and early 2022 our group managed to find a perfect match for “Borgo Delle Grazie Toscane,” identifying the ideal buyers, a couple who wanted to create a dream in harmony with what the seller wanted.

How did we do it?

  1. We presented “Borgo Delle Grazie Toscane” to the market in a new, captivating and high level guise. Our professional photo shoot, the drone video, as well as the amateur one made by our consultant Valter Luciani, gave the buyers the opportunity to feel involved even before physically seeing the property.

2) Thanks to our evaluation tool THE BEST PRICE, we obtained an evalutation of “Borgo Delle Grazie Toscane” which, taking into accountthe many variations suffered by the real estate market over the years, has allowed us to propose it at the best possible value and at the right target.
This, combined with Valter’s great commitment, supported by our CEO Stefano Petri, made it possible to overcome a stalemate and achieve a great goal.

3) Finally, thanks to the skill and great dedication to work and clients shown by our consultant Roberto Biggera, we have put the common purpose of the clients to good use for the creation of an expansion project of the structure that has thrilled both parties.
Roberto really took to heart the well-defined and ambitious project of the buyers, ensuring that it could be created and contributing, at the same time, to further enhance “Borgo Delle Grazie Toscane.”

The happy conclusion of the negotiations for “Borgo delle Grazie Toscane” represents a great achievement for our group.

Valter and Roberto have shown us how method, commitment and preserverance allow us to transform every obstacle into a precious opportunity for growth.

The history of this property is quite particular, we understand that the village was to be seen not as an object to be sold, but as a project in which to involve the right people, capable of imagining a future in harmony with the vision of the owners.

Sometimes our work gives us experiences like these,

that excite us and make us partakers of great dreams to be created.

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