The sale of “Il Relax”: professionalism, patience and… determination!

The sale of “Il Relax”: professionalism, patience and… determination!

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Today, Nicolò Cordone and Valter Luciani – the GE consultants who managed the vendors of “Il Relax” – are going to tell us their point of view about this sale, singed on December, 9th 2019: a very hard negotiation. Indeed – for its closing – professionalism, patience and determination were fundamental.


I met the vendors – an Italian and a German who has been living in our country for years now – in September 2018, when I noticed their home while driving in front of it. They owned the house for about 10 years. I know that they were willing to sell it, so I stopped my car: personally, I really like that home and, in addition to this, I also had a client who may be interested in it.

Together with Valter Luciani – the colleague with who I shared part of my work – we acquired the property with the usual professionalism and team spirit of Great Estate.

“Il Relax” seemed us a very interesting property because of many reasons (discover it here). First of all, it boasts a great location: panoramic, dominant, not too isolated, easy to be reached. According to our opinion, the position of the farmhouse was decisive. The presence of a panoramic swimming pool, the size of the building and its garden were important elements as well.

Valter highlights that:

By following the usual, tested and efficient GE working method, as well as our “emotional sense”, we wrote a very detailed property description and realized a professional photo shooting. I believe that all this work caught the attention of the potential buyers, bringing us so to the sale of the property.

Indeed, it was not difficult to find a client. Indeed, we even found two! But one has to stop his research because of some personal problems. Our colleague Alice Ceccomoro “identified” and perfectly managed the other client, Mrs. Ewen, the property new owner.


We knew that this property was on the market with other agencies already. Together with the vendors, we signed a free assignment for sale but, even if with no shared marketing plan, the requested price established was lower than the sellers’ initial one. The aim was to make the property become attractive for all those buyers who were looking for a small farmhouse with a garden (the marketing plan remained an option; we used it later).

Talking about the sale price – even if I have to admit that the vendors’ ideas were very clear – I used our “The Best Price” system as usual:

It produced a value a little lower than the one asked by the vendors, right in the middle between the asking price and the final one.

Between The Best Price value and the selling one, we find just a 6% difference. Even in this case, our tool worked perfectly, confirming us so its power and efficiency.

To conclude, I would like to say that this sale has been very hard for every one of us (Valter, Alice and I). For this reason, we are very satisfied with it. We were able to close a negotiation that made us face many difficulties caused both by administrative issues and our impossibility of having all the technical papers of the property. This is a fundamental aspect to close a negotiation.


We are all very proud of the result achieved: the property was already on the market, but no other agency was able to do the same we did.

It is also true that, as already said by Nicolò, the negotiation was really hard.

However, our professionalism, passion, patience, and commitment, as well as our infinite will of solving every possible problem, allowed us to reach the conclusion of this large path with the signing of the final deed of sale.

The solutions used to face all the problems we had during the negotiation of “Il Relax” prove, once again, the power, professionalism, and ability of the whole Group. In particular, the ones of Nicolò and Alice who were able, thanks to their patience and determination, to positively end this negotiation.

Indeed, in the end, this is a great satisfaction that will give us some RELAX before starting again our path towards another sale…because Great Estate is really the number ONE!

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