The value appreciation and sale of Mulino del Moro Bianco, an exclusive partnership with Marco Centurione

The value appreciation and sale of Mulino del Moro Bianco, an exclusive partnership with Marco Centurione

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In this interview, Marco Centurione, vendor client of “Mulino Del Bianco” tells us about his experience with Giacomo Buonavita and the Great Estate Group.

Welcome, Marco. Would you like to tell us something about yourself?

Let me introduce myself, I am Marco Centurione, a real estate expert by profession.
I have always been a very ambitious person with a great personality and a keen sense of public relations and business. I started my career in an important technical firm, becoming a partner after a few years.

Fascinated by everything that is luxury and good taste, within the studio I took care of the design of prestigious private properties and interior decor, with an eye on companies linked to luxury brands.

For several years I have worked exclusively in real estate: my core business is to acquire ruined properties, transform them, renovate them and introduce them into the luxury market fully furnished with new lifeblood.

So what is the history of “Mulino del Moro Bianco” and what are its special features?

It is a property with unique features – I fell in love with it from the first moment! – and I had my main residence there for several years.

It supposedly dates back to 1764, and is situated in a dominant position in the territory of Castelfranco Piandiscò, classified in 2014 as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and described as a ‘medieval paradise’. I personally acquired it in 2015, when it was in a dilapidated condition.

It was then first expertly restored by local craftsmen, with the essential contribution of Geom. Federico Renzi, who specialises in the restoration of prestigious properties, was then furnished with very high-quality finishes and high energy efficiency standards.

When entering the property, you immediately perceive its link with history and the past combined with a contemporary touch, thanks to the furnishings carefully selected together with Arch.Thomas Brilli.

The old millstones from the 1700s, perfectly preserved, can still be seen in the living room of the residence.

However, another special feature of ‘Mulino del Moro Bianco’ is its outdoor swimming pool, which offers unforgettable sunsets.

Why did you decide to sell the property?

Frankly, the idea of selling “Mulino del Moro Bianco” was born as a “bet”, to see how much the current market could take up such a prestigious property in my area.

Thus began the “challenge” with Giacomo Buonavita, a long-time friend and trusted partner.

Would you like to tell us about your experience with Giacomo?

Giacomo and I have had a working relationship and friendship for several years now, consolidated by the fact that we have faced, side by side, many challenges on truly excellent properties.

I remember very well one winter morning when I proposed to him the sale of my property:
a difficult challenge, probably impossible, according to him perhaps the most difficult he had ever accepted

About a year later, that “bet” has been won! I can only thank Giacomo and the entire Great Estate for supporting me in my crazy venture.

What impressed you most about Great Estate?

In a nutshell: professionalism, care in enhancing the property and the foresight of your team.

How did you feel when Giacomo proposed to you to switch to an exclusive assignment with Great Estate?

I was thrilled to entrust “Mulino del Moro Bianco” exclusively to Great Estate!

I firmly believe that the choice of commissioning the exclusivity to a group like yours, confirms the uniqueness of the property, which is offered to an important clientele that knows how to appreciate and give the right value to these unique locations.

I conclude with a quote to which I feel very close:

If you can win, you have to win!

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