2018 European Law – some revolutionary news for the real estate agents

2018 European Law – some revolutionary news for the real estate agents

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April, 16th2019 –Italian Senato has definitively approved the bill laying down the “Regulation for the fulfilment of the duties coming from the Italian membership to the European Union” – bill no. 822-B -, the so called 2018 European Law: very important news regarding the practice of the real estate agent profession.

The 2018 European Law is a measure including some regulations aimed to eliminate the conflicts among the Italian laws and the European ones in many sectors as, for example, the remedy against the contract payments delays or on the jobs subject (articles 1 and 2).

With regards to the real estate agent profession, this law modified the existing incompatibilities by excluding from this activity the banking, financial and insurance institutions, as well as the private or public entities employees or the intellectual professions if with conflicting interests toward the mediation activity.

For this reason, the 2018 European Law is very revolutionary and so it was also welcomed with great enthusiasm by the Italian Consulta Interassociativa Nazionale Dell’Intermediazione. This council is composed of Fimaa, Fiaip and Anama, the three representative associations of the real estate agents.

According to presidents Baccarini (Fiaip), Maffey (Anama) and Taverna (Fimaa), this new law:

Finally, the Consulta Interassociativa Nazionale Dell’Intermediazione motions regarding the incompatibilities for those who work as real estate agents have been accepted.

and again

Now, new opportunities open themselves up to the real estate agents. Moreover, with regards to the intermediation sector, this law guarantees the possibility to provide some new services in favour of the customers too.

The three Fiaip, Anama and Fimaa associations exponents have conclusively underlined as the 2018 European Law had introduced the concept of interest for the banks and for the intellectual professions, eliminating so the incompatibilities for those who work as real estate agents. In this way, they have the possibility to increase and improve their professionalism by adapting it to the current economical processes exigences.  

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