A magic December for GE: the sale of “The Gem Of Sarteano”

A magic December for GE: the sale of “The Gem Of Sarteano”

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On December, 16th 2019, this amazing Tuscan farmhouse located in Sarteano has been officially sold to a Russian couple. The negotiation was really surprising: closed in just three months!

Great Estate celebrated Christmas 2019 with a further important result: the sale of “The Gem Of Sarteano”.

“The Gem Of Sarteano” is a farmhouse dating back to 1800 that, thanks to the vendors’ – Mess.rs Ponchia – taste, care and attention, has been renovated by respecting its traditional style and the current anti-seismic regulation.

The result obtained is the one of a residence characterized by a dynamic structure and a harmonious inner layout mixed with very important internal finishing.

“The Gem Of Sarteano” ex vendors have “thought” it as a farmhouse to be lived all year-long. Indeed, this property can boast an external panoramic swimming pool overlooking Sarteano, a private SPA with jacuzzi and a sauna.

On December, 16th 2019, this extraordinary home – from where Sarteano is just within a walk distance – has been sold by our Group after a very rapid negotiation: just three months! In addition to the buyers and vendors (their interviews will be soon online), protagonists of this success were also the two GE consultants Iuliia Sharenko – for the buyers – and Chiara Pompili – for the vendors.

You will discover all the secrets of this amazing success signed Great Estate through the interviews with the GE consultants, the vendors and the new owners of “The Gem Of Sarteano”. Stay tuned!

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