Ponchia: Great Estate was able to sell “The Gem” in just three months Ponchia: Great Estate was able to sell “The Gem” in just three months

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Today, we are going to propose you the interview to the sellers of “The Gem Of Sarteano” –  Mrs. Patrizia Morgantini and Mr. Antonello Ponchia –  who, thanks to the cooperation with Great Estate, were able to sell their farmhouse in just three months!
  • Welcome, Mrs. Patrizia. Would you like to tell us something about yourself and your husband? Where do you come from? What is your job?

Hello everybody. I come from this area, while my husband is from Padova, Veneto. We both are entrepreneurs.

  • Let’s talk now about the farmhouse known as “The Gem Of Sarteano”, sold in three months to a Russian couple. When did you purchase it? What did you like the most?

We purchased the farmhouse 20 years ago. We were amazed by its panoramic view and “dynamic” structure.

  • We know that, after the purchase, the farmhouse has been renovated. At that time, did you already have a precise idea of the project? Did you entrust yourself to a specialist for the works?

We perfectly knew what we wanted: a farmhouse with a dynamic and “lively” structure to be lived all year long.

My husband and I, up to about 10 years ago, traveled a lot. This allowed us to discover and appreciate different “styles” and building characteristics: we wanted to recreate all these experiences in our “The Gem”.

This property, in a certain sense, represented the realization of our dreams!

In order to do so, we entrusted ourselves to a specialist: architect Laura Terziani. We immediately established a great relationship with her.

  • Do you have any particular anecdotes about “The Gem” to share with us?

We have tons! As already said, up to about 10 years ago, a period during which we were often on travel, this farmhouse has represented a charming meeting place where to spend pleasant moments with both relatives and friends. Then, after some changes in our jobs, we finally have the possibility to fully enjoy our home.

I loved to spend my days in this house together with my beloved dogs and cats. Indeed, I have always called it “my golden cage” (discover it here).

A funny anecdote that I happily remind is connected to the day when, together with architect Terziani, was planning the renovation of the house. I remember that, in two hours only, we ordered all the materials needed with a huge marvel of the shop owner!

  • If we may ask, why did you decide to sell?

Reluctantly, we decided to change our type of housing: we wanted to move into a unique-level home whose external space should have not been difficult to manage. Moreover, we wanted also some liquidity to invest.

  • For the sale of your property, did you entrust yourself to other agencies too?

Yes. If I correctly remember, we signed the first assignment for sale about 4 years ago, but without any result. Personally, I think that the reasons of this have to be identified into the property asking price (very high) and its typology that, for the agencies we contacted, was probably too particular, especially if compared to the others they have for sale.

  • When and how did you meet Chiara Pompili, your GE trusted consultant?

On the premise that we already knew Great Estate because, many years ago, your agency was able to sell another property I had, I knew that you would have been able to sell “The Gem” as well.

In 2018, Chiara Pompili contacted us after having seen the advertising of our home. So, we met and started to talk about the sale of our farmhouse.

In that occasion, Chiara confirmed us everything I already knew about your Group. Indeed, I thought:

“…I could easily bet on her and the sale of our farmhouse…”

However, this certainty made us understand that maybe, at that moment, we were not ready to “leave” our home yet.

For this reason, we decided to sign an exclusive assignment for sale with GE only the following summer. We said to Chiara that we wanted to sell very quickly… And so it was!

  • What do you think about the role of the property selling price that Chiara Pompili suggested to you for your home?

It has been fundamental to reach the objective “sale”.

  • Talking now about the negotiation, would you like to tell us something about your impressions?

It has been a very clear and rapid negotiation even if considering the precision of the buyers and the presence of some small urbanistic discrepancies that we immediately solved.

  • What do you think about your professional experience with Chiara Pompili?

Chiara has immediately proved to be very professional, able to understand our needs and to satisfy them. Moreover, she was were helpful. In a word: amazing!

  • What can you tell us about the buyers? How is your relationship with them?

We still are in contact. When they discovered “The Gem Of Sarteano”, they completely fell in love with it and its photo shooting. They often call us to receive some suggestions on how to make their new home perfectly similar to that brochure!

  • To conclude: are you satisfied with this experience?


  • Would you recommend Great Estate to all those who, as you did, decide to sell their home? If so, why?

Yes, and we already did. The GE professionals proved us to have a very high professional level: they were able to guarantee us a great closing of the negotiation.

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