Yulia and Ivan: “The Gem Of Sarteano” is our ideal home!

Yulia and Ivan: “The Gem Of Sarteano” is our ideal home!

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We are now going to conclude our set of articles addressed to the sale of “The Gem Of Sarteano” with the interview to its new owners, Yulia and Ivan: a great satisfaction with the work done by their GE trusted consultant Iuliia Sharenko and the whole Group.
  • Welcome Yulia and Ivan, congratulations on your new amazing home! Would you like to tell us something about yourselves? Where do you come from? Which is your job?

Thank you very much! Yulia and I grow up in Moscow, where we still live with our 2 children. She is a housewife, while I work in the insurance sector.

  • We know that you visited many properties in different regions of the center of Italy before taking a choice. In the end, why did you decide to purchase a home in this amazing Tuscan corner? Why in Sarteano? Did you already know something about this area? What do you like the most of it?

That is correct: before Sarteano, we did a long journey across the centre of Italy. We started from the Grosseto province, crossed Umbria and reached the Marche region. With the support of the GE team, we were able to visit about 15 properties in just 4 days.

At the beginning, our preferences were addressed to Tuscany: its panoramas and wines are really incredible. However, thanks to our consultant Iuliia Sharenko and the whole Group, we were able to visit some proprieties in other regions too.

Before that time, we did not know Sarteano, but we had already heard about Cetona and Chiusi.

The elements that made us decide for Sarteano and “The Gem” were its charming landscapes and the tranquillity of the place, its vicinity to the town, its owners, and amazing farmhouse itself where, once inside, we felt at home.

  • How will you use your new home?

Probably, it will become our first home, but we need to fix some formalities before.

  • How did you meet your GE trusted consultant, Iuliia Sharenko?

We decided to purchase a property in Italy about 7 years ago. In 2012 we came here for the first time, but we did not do anything. In autumn 2016, we discovered the Great Estate website: we loved it, so we made a request.

Iuliia, as she has always done, answered us immediately with all the information we requested. However, because of several reasons, our purchase plan has to be stopped. Once we decided to start our research again, we addressed ourselves back to her.

  • Why did you decide to entrust yourselves to Iuliia? What do you think about your experience with her?

We decide to entrust ourselves to her because, since our first contacts, she proved us to be very professional and caring. She even kept helping us by solving several issues emerged after the purchase.

  • “The Gem Of Sarteano”: was it love at first sight? Do you remember your first property visit you did at the house? Which were your first feelings?

For about a year and together with Iuliia, we dealt with an accurate selection of properties to visit once back in Italy. We chose about 6 properties in Tuscany: “The Gem Of Sarteano” “emerged” last. At the beginning, my wife did not like it, but I realized that it was one of the most interesting solutions for our family.

When we were there during our last properties-tour day, our love for “The Gem Of Sarteano” was immediately clear. We liked everything about it: we understood that this was our perfect home. Sure, we visited also other properties after it, but no one better of “The Gem Of Sarteano”. During the following days, we wanted to visit it again, deleting so other visits. In this way, we were also able to get to know the owners: I think that this meeting was fateful.

  • Why did you finally decide to purchase “The Gem Of Sarteano”?

I think because the care with which the previous owners maintained the house, its soul and atmosphere. Moreover, even if the farmhouse has been renovated in the early 2000s, the solutions used (“smart house”, heated floors, customized wardrobes) are still relevant today, and almost unique in Italy!

  • How was the negotiation? Did you have to face any particular problem?

In my opinion, the whole process went well. I believe that our meeting with the owners was very helpful. Indeed, they seemed to like us, as well as we liked them. Then, Iuliia and Chiara (the vendors’ consultant) supported us to solve every possible discrepancy.

  • How would you rate the work done by Iuliia Sharenko and, more in general, by the whole Group?

We are very satisfied with them. The entire team of Great Estate proved us to be very professional and kind.

  • Shortly… how would you describe your purchasing experience in Italy and in cooperation with Great Estate?

In short… we really enjoy it!

  • Would you recommend our Group to other international clients aimed to purchase a home in Italy? If so, why?

Absolutely! We would surely recommend Great Estate to all our friends and relatives who want to purchase a property in Italy. And if they ask us:


We will simply answer:

“we are very satisfied with the work done by Great Estate and its team of professionals… and we are sure that they will be able to support you, precisely as they did with us.”

Yulia and Ivan

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