Iuliia Sharenko and the sale of “The Gem”: this is the result of a great teamwork

Iuliia Sharenko and the sale of “The Gem”: this is the result of a great teamwork

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Iuliia Sharenko’s, the GE buyers’ consultant, comments and points of view about the sale of “The Gem Of Sarteano”.
  • Welcome, Iuliia. Could you give us some details about the buyers of “The Gem Of Sarteano”?

Hello. They are a Russian couple from Moscow. The husband is an entrepreneur, while she is a housewife. My first contacts with them date back to 2018 when they were at the beginning of their research.

We made a great path together, something that could be considered almost normal when deciding to purchase a second home. Even if unhurried, my clients have always been in love with Italy, and they firmly wanted to purchase a second home in our country!

  • What kind of property were they looking for? Where?

In the beginning, they did not have any precise idea. Indeed, we visited both traditional farmhouses and modern villas. However, they were convinced about something: their home should have been welcoming and “styled”, in a comfortable location and near the main services.

The area of their research was very huge too. In the beginning, they have even visited some properties in the provinces of Pisa and Grosseto. After that, we organized a property-visits-tour in the Marche region. Then, we visited also some properties between Umbria and Tuscany, in particular in the province of Siena. The last two days of visits were very intense.

In the end, the “winner” among all these regions was our amazing Tuscany!

  • What did your clients like the most about “The Gem Of Sarteano”?

Actually, it is something very difficult to explain, especially because the clients did not request any specific element.

Surely, they have strong imprinting with it: indeed, the house has precisely that atmosphere, the one they were looking for. They said to me immediately that they want to purchase it, even if the requested price was higher than their initial budget.

  • How will they use their new home?

The ex-owners of the farmhouse, Mss.rs Ponchia (read here their interview), used the property as their main residence, so it is perfect to be lived all-year-long. How will the new owners use it? We will discover it!

  • What would you share with our readers about the whole negotiation?

The Gem Of Sarteanowas one of the most interesting negotiations I have ever managed. Indeed, by a legal point of view, the buyers were very prepared (they purchased a property abroad, in Spain, already). Together, we exanimated every single detail of the purchasing process, taxes, papers, etc.

From a technical-urbanistic point of view, Chiara and the vendors made a very important work. At the beginning of the negotiation, some urbanistic discrepancies have emerged. The vendors solved them immediately, with great satisfaction of the parties.

To conclude, I would like to thank my colleague of Great Estate for their support: Chiara Pompili for her amazing managing of the vendors, Anna Marchettini (from the GE administrative office) for the fiscal accuracy and the post-sale service support, Halyna Vyshnevska for the Russian translations, Marzia Rognini for the constant assistance and, as always, Stefano Petri – the CEO of the Group – for his important suggestions!

This was a very exceptional teamwork!

Iuliia Sharenko

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