Bonnie&Darin and ‘Le Mura Di Porsenna’: ”we fell in love straight away!”

Bonnie&Darin and ‘Le Mura Di Porsenna’: ”we fell in love straight away!”

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Bonnie and Darin are the American couple who have officially purchased the enchanting property known as “Le Mura Di Porsenna”, located near Chiusi – Siena – last February. The interview:

– Welcome back Bonnie and Darin! If we may ask, where are you from and what do you do in life?

We come from New York. I am an ex-engineer and my husband still is!

– When did you decide to buy a property in the countryside in Italy?

15 years ago we bought a house in Abruzzo, but our dream has always been to own a farmhouse in Tuscany. So, two years ago we started looking for it and … finally …

Last autumn we found a property that could meet almost all our needs: our new farmhouse in Chiusi, “Le Mura Di Porsenna”.

– Before your recent purchase, did you already know Tuscany and, in particular, the town of Chiusi?

Yes! In the last 15 years we have come to Tuscany at least once a year: it is our paradise.

Our “first time” in Chiusi was last year when Chiara showed us a flat located in the town centre.

– What were the ideal features of your dream house?

We were looking for a property twith a main house and an annex, both restored and with characteristic details (terracotta floors, beams, bricks, fireplace …), a large garden and some land. In addition, we wanted a good-sized kitchen, 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms.

– How long did your research take?

About two years, between Tuscany and Umbria.

– We would like to know your opinion on the advice you received from your trusted advisor, Chiara Pompili. What do you think about it?

Over the course of a year, we have visited four properties with Chiara: one in Città della Pieve, one in Ficulle, and two in Chiusi.

Chiara was always available to answer our questions and also helped us with our mortgage application, which we really appreciated.

Furthermore, Chiara never pushed us towards any choice. As a result, we never felt pressured to make a quick decision, which was also very welcome.

– Now let’s talk about your fantastic new property, “Le Mura Di Porsenna”. When did you visit it for the first time, and what were your first impressions?

Personally, once I spotted this property on the Great Estate website, I immediately called Chiara who promptly organised the visit.

We saw “Le Mura Di Porsenna” for the first time in June 2020 and … we immediately fell in love with it!

Of all the properties we visited, this was the first one that my husband and I both enjoyed. It immediately felt like the right place for us, so much so that it felt like home. It also met most of our criteria.

We only saw her once. After that, we decided to submit a purchase proposal.

– Have you ever met the previous owners?

Yes, when we visited the house the first time: a very nice couple, who answered all our questions and were very helpful towards us.

– Speaking now about the negotiation, what can you tell us about it?

Chiara really helped us throughout the whole negotiation: she was great.

The only drawback is that we would have liked all the furniture and furnishings in the house and annexe to be included in the amount we offered, but unfortunately, most of the quality furniture was left out.

– To sum up, how do you rate your experience with Great Estate?

You are certainly a great company, with very professional and friendly property consultants, ESPECIALLY Chiara (THANK YOU CHIARA!). Overall, it was a really good experience for us!

– Would you recommend Great Estate to other international clients who, like you, want to buy a prestigious property in Italy? If so, why?

Yes, we would! Great Estate offers a wide variety of beautiful, quality properties.
In addition, the customer service is TOP!
Thank you very much.

Bonnie and Darin


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