Julia and Simon Boadle: “It was an honor for us to work with Roberto”!

Julia and Simon Boadle: “It was an honor for us to work with Roberto”!

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Our interview with the new owners of “La Vista Su Todi E Montecastello”, Mr. and Mrs. Boadle: “we feel very fortunate to have been assisted by Roberto Biggera for our purchase”.
  • Welcome, Julia and Simon. If we may ask, where do you come from and which are your jobs?

We both live in London.  Simon is a Financial Advisor, Julia is an Art Historian.

  •  When did you decide to purchase a countryside property in Italy?

We have been thinking about it for 30 years!  But we finally decided last summer (2020) to actively see if we could find a house we wanted to purchase.

  •  Before the purchase of “La Vista Su Todi E Montecastello”, did you know Umbria already?

Yes, we have visited Umbria many times.

  •  Which were the ideal features of your dream home in the Umbrian countryside?

In the countryside, but near a village or small town, wonderful views, a garden with a swimming pool (or space to build one), a quiet location, 4-5 bedrooms, plenty of character, and not in need of major renovation.

  •  How long did your research take? How many properties have you visited with Roberto?

We did a lot of research on the internet before physically viewing … and Roberto must have shown us approximately 12 – 15 properties.  We also visited a further 10 properties with other agents.

  • We would like to discover your opinion regarding the consultancy you have received from Roberto. What do you think about it?

In a word, Roberto was “fantastic”.  He always went above and beyond what we expected.  During the viewings, Roberto was informative, incredibly helpful, honest, and straightforward, and we thoroughly enjoyed his company. 

When we were communicating via email from London, he always responded to our queries on a daily basis, no matter how late in the evening, he was always helpful, he gave us huge support throughout the purchasing process.

We are immensely grateful to him.

  •  Let’s talk now about your new beautiful property, “ La Vista Su Todi E Montecastello”. When did you visit it for the first time? Do you remember your first feelings once there?

The first time we visited the house with Roberto was in September 2020, and we liked the house straight away.

We liked the feeling of the house, the character, the layout, the garden, the views, etc. We visited 2 further times over a two-week period.  Sadly, we have not been able to visit it again since becoming the new owners due to the Covid travel restrictions!

  •  Why did you finally decide to purchase “ La Vista Su Todi E Montecastello”?

We decided that out of all the houses we had seen, it “ticked all our boxes”.

  •  Have you ever met the ex-owners of the property? What is your relationship with them?

Sadly, we have not met them in person, again due to the Covid restrictions, but we would very much like to meet them when we are finally able to come to Italy.

  • Talking now about the negotiation, would you like to tell us something about it? What do you think about the consultancy and assistance that you have received from Roberto?

As already said, we feel we were very lucky to have been assisted by Roberto on the purchase of our house in Monte Castello. 

We can honestly say that it is the only house purchase that we have made in the past 40 years that has been trouble-free and straightforward. 

It has been a huge pleasure working with Roberto, and we feel we have made a friend!

  • To sum up, how would you rate your experience with Great Estate?

In a word:


  •  Would you recommend Great Estate to other international clients who, as you did, want to purchase a prestigious property in Italy? If so, why?

Yes, definitely.  We feel we have been very well looked after, the consultation and assistance we received from Roberto have been exemplary, and we are extremely satisfied with the whole process.

Julia and Simon Boadle


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