Manuela and Riccardo: “We have chosen Great Estate once again”

Manuela and Riccardo: “We have chosen Great Estate once again”

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Do you remember the sale of “La Pace Della Dea”? Today we offer you an interview with our sellers, managed by our CEO Stefano Petri, Mrs. Manuela, and Mr. Riccardo who, after more than 10 years, have chosen Great Estate – once again – for the sale of their property.

– Welcome Manuela and Riccardo, and thank you for your time! First of all, when and why did you decide to purchase “La Pace Della Dea”?

We bought the property in 2010. We were fascinated by its location, the beautiful view of Perugia and Assisi, and its structure.

– Have you carried out any renovation work since the purchase?

Yes. We did a lot of work, both inside the house and in the garden. In particular, we tried to make the interior brighter and more up-to-date, for example by pickling the beams and painting all the window frames white.

– What were your reasons for selling the farmhouse?

We decided to move to another city.

– Stefano Petri, CEO of the group and your trusted advisor reminded us that about 12 years ago, again in cooperation with our group, you managed to sell another of your houses, located in Città della Pieve. How did you get to know Great Estate at that time?

To be honest it was Stefano who contacted us! After seeing our house for sale on another agency’s website, he got in touch with us because he thought our property was interesting for Great Estate’s target clientele.

– After so many years, why did you decide to choose our group again to sell ‘La Pace Della Dea’?

Basically, because we liked the way Stefano carried out that sale: fast, precise, and friendly.
In addition, we thought that your type of client could also be the right one for “La Pace Della Dea”.

– Why did you decide in September 2020 to give Great Estate an exclusive mandate shared with Piano Marketing Silver?

We were convinced that in this case too, Stefano could do a good job, considering the type of our property and your group’s client database.

In addition, the advertising strategy included in the silver marketing plan was certainly very important, structured, and effective in order to give the right visibility to our property.

– During the acquisition phase, our CEO valued “La Pace Della Dea” using our valuation system The Best Price: what were your initial impressions of that valuation?
And now that the house has been sold, what do you think of that valuation, considering that the sale price was practically identical to it?

We were the ones who asked for an objective valuation of our property: a valuation that took into account the current market situation, without being influenced by our personal considerations about the price we had in mind, which was basically linked to “how much” our property had cost us.

As we expected, compared to the initial outlay, the valuation was “depressing” for us… almost a heart attack!
But on the other hand, and with very few exceptions, this is exactly the kind of “depressed” situation one faces when deciding to buy another property elsewhere in Italy. Consequently, we swallowed the pill and moved on.

– As part of the acquisition, Stefano asked you to carry out technical due diligence on your property. What do you think about it? Do you think it was important for the success of the deal?

Yes, it was useful. Definitely “a lot of paper”, but it was a necessary document in order to guarantee the purchasing party.

– How do you rate the advice given to you by Stefano Petri, and in general, by our whole group, during the whole buying and selling process?

Definitely very professional: Great Estate is formed by a wide and heterogeneous team, with the right skills and services to manage and realize a sale (among the many the Home Staging service, the professional videos, and photos, the estimate with TBP … etc).
(To learn more click here).

– The new owners of “La Pace Della Dea” have been managed by our consultant Carla Caselli: what do you think of her work?

Carla was very good at selecting customers and managing the visits herself (we were not there). It seems to me that she concluded the sale with only 5 visits in about 3 months.

– And what can you tell us about your customers? Have you met them?

Yes, we met them. They immediately seemed very nice and friendly people. We are happy that they are taking over our old house. They will take good care of it and make it more beautiful.

– In conclusion: in about three months of work, our team has managed to set up three potential negotiations at the same time, giving you the opportunity to choose the most interesting offer, and therefore the most interesting negotiation, and to achieve the best possible result.
What do you think about this? Where do you think the GE Group is particularly organised and efficient? And where do you see room for improvement?

The whole team was very good!

We believe that what made the difference, apart from our property, was Great Estate’s highly targeted client database and the way in which ‘La Pace Della Dea’ was presented to the market.
This resulted in a few visits, but all of them were very targeted: people on target who were really looking for a property like ours. This definitely shortened the selling time!

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