Great Estate sells “La Pace Della Dea” in … just three months!

Great Estate sells “La Pace Della Dea” in … just three months!

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Last March, Great Estate has officially sold “La Pace Della Dea”, a beautiful property located in the countryside surrounding Perugia, in just three months. It was purchased by an Italian couple and managed by Carla Caselli.
Her story:

At the end of March, Great Estate celebrated the sale of “La Pace della Dea“.

This property is located near the famous Etruscan arch of Perugia, and is situated on the top of a hill from which you can admire an incredible panorama of the surrounding countryside.

La Pace della Dea” has been perfectly restored by the previous owners, paying particular attention to the finishing touches, from the parquet floors to the wooden ceilings and terracotta tiles.

The large park surrounding the farmhouse, with its varied and colourful vegetation, a fantastic swimming pool, and an outdoor Jacuzzi, has a great impact.
All this in an extraordinary location that is in the countryside, but only ten kilometres from the city of Perugia.

Since 29 March, La Pace della Dea has new owners: an Italian couple. This success is the work of Stefano Petri, CEO of Great Estate and, in this case, also a consultant to the selling party, and Carla Caselli, who managed the buyers.
We met the latter, who told us about her “adventure”.

The new owners of La Pace Della Dea contacted our head office by phone on 5 October 2020, asking for specific information about this very property. Shortly thereafter, our back-office forwarded their contact to me.
They are a couple from Perugia who works in a university environment.

They were looking for a nice property near Perugia, to use as a first home and not too far from the city centre.

Since negotiations were already underway on ‘La Pace Della Dea’, which obviously did not come to a successful conclusion, we were only able to organise the first visit of the property at the beginning of November.

On that occasion, the customers clearly told me that they liked the farmhouse very much!

According to them, it was very well maintained, both the interior and exterior spaces were to their liking, and the view from the property was magnificent. In addition, the fact that the property already had a swimming pool, ideal for their children, was an extra plus.

On 12 November, about a week after the first visit, they informed me that they wanted to sign a purchase proposal.

So, together with Stefano Petri, CEO of GE and advisor to the seller in this specific negotiation, we prepared the offer, and within a short time, I sent it to the clients for subscription.

As for the negotiation, I can say that it was quite simple and fast.

On the one hand, Stefano Petri acquired the property impeccably (by correctly applying the Great Estate method) and managed the seller very well; on the other hand, I can safely say that I have dealt with clients who, from the very beginning, have shown themselves to be truly and seriously motivated to buy.

Just a few days ago, in an e-mail, customers expressed their satisfaction in these exact words:

Thank you again for the great professionalism shown by your agency, combined with the right mix of courtesy and confidentiality that has characterised your relationship with us.

We are extremely happy with how things went and with our new home!

In short, what can I say …
a great satisfaction!

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