The sale of “La Pace Della Dea”: the GE method? The winning method

The sale of “La Pace Della Dea”: the GE method? The winning method

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On 29 March this year, Great Estate officially sold the property known as “La Pace Della Dea”. A sale that represents the “normal” consequence of the correct application of the Great Estate method. Our interview with Stefano Petri, the CEO of the group and the consultant of the selling party.

– Welcome Stefano. When did you meet the vendor clients?

I met Riccardo and Manuela about 12 years ago when our group carried out the sale of another farmhouse they owned, located in Città Della Pieve. Although we subsequently lost contact, I have always kept wonderful memories of both them and that sale: an experience that both sellers and buyers were happy and satisfied with!
Anyway, last summer Riccardo contacted me and told me that he wanted to sell his property in Umbria, known as “La Pace Della Dea”, and that he would be happy if we would manage it.

– Where did the sellers come from and how long had they owned the property?

Riccardo and Manuela have lived in various parts of the world: in particular, for the last 5-6 years they have lived in England, using their farmhouse basically for holidays.

– Was the property already for sale with other agencies? What kind of cooperation have you established?

No, the property was not for sale with other structures.

We were the first to submit to them a precise analysis of the best way to present the house on the market.

Riccardo and Manuela thus signed with Great Estate an exclusive assignment for sale with a Silver marketing plan.

This, together with the shared estimate of their property, allowed us to align ourselves with the Great Estate method.

The SALE arrived as a consequence of the whole process included within the GE Method (evaluation, visibility, verification), only about three months after the property was advertised!

– What do you think are the strengths of the property?

The property has been impeccably restored and maintained and enjoys wonderful views. In addition to this, it has a very interesting surface area, both of the residential part and of the garden, especially considering the current historical moment. Finally, the proximity to an important city such as Perugia is undoubtedly another great plus.

– And we come to the assessment of the property: what are your comments on this?

By now, The Best Price has really become a powerful tool!

When I personally presented Riccardo and Manuela with the valuation of their property, their idea of its value was significantly higher than it actually was.

However, with the right explanations and thanks to the methodology behind our innovative tool The Best Price, I was able quite quickly to convince them that the value that emerged from our assessment tool was objective and performing.

Thanks to this sharing, we were able to advertise the property at an asking price that was absolutely in line with its true market value. This, combined with the strength of our structure, both in terms of communication and the number of professionals that we, as a group, can offer, created the foundation for the work that then led us to the best sales result.

– Excellent, Stefano. What about the negotiation, what can you tell us?

The negotiation went smoothly and relatively easily, precisely because all the first 3 steps of our method were met:

  • price in line with valuation,
  • perfect visibility in terms of both quantity and quality,
  • constant monitoring of the property’s performance.

If the foundations are strong, the result is only a matter of time.

Having optimally structured all the necessary activities allowed us to achieve the best possible result.

In addition to all this, the impeccable and very professional drawing up of the due diligence of the property by the sellers’ trustworthy technician was fundamental: this document allowed us to know and analyse the various situations existing on the property that had to be defined, and which, because they were known, were shared and accepted by both parties.

In spite of the current complex historical situation, we were even able to initiate three potential negotiations at the same time, and the sellers were even able to choose the most interesting offer and negotiation with us, thus achieving the best possible result.

This would not have happened if the asking price had been 10% higher than the objective valuation of the property if the property had not been advertised through a structured marketing plan, and if every month we had not carefully analysed the results obtained, adjusted them, and improved the relevant strategies.

In short, once again our method proved to be WINNING and able to allow all parties to achieve the best possible goal, according to the win-win concept.

The majority of sales made with our group are “serene” sales in which all parties remain happy and satisfied with the result achieved: this is a view in which everyone can and must “win”, respecting the needs and roles involved in any negotiation.

It is with great pleasure that I have to admit that, month after month, this awareness of doing well is increasing throughout the group. And this is also recognised by the market, both buyers and sellers.

I would like to conclude by thanking my colleague Carla Caselli, with whom we all have the great pleasure of working, who has managed the customer buyers so well.

I would also like to thank the lucky new owners of “La Pace Della Dea”: exquisite people who gave us back all the respect we gave them.

The same goes for the sellers, Riccardo and Manuela, whom I thank for the trust they have placed in us and which we are proud to have respected and deserved.

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