Fantastic Hariet Nijhuis: leading 6 sales in first six months of 2021

Fantastic Hariet Nijhuis: leading 6 sales in first six months of 2021

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Successful were the first six months of 2021 for our international consultant Hariet Nijhuis, who made 6 official sales.

Hariet Nijhuis, Dutch by birth but who has decided to live in Italy for over 30 years.
A woman full of enthusiasm and joie de vivre, determined, communicative, and, as she likes to define herself, flexible!

She joined the great Great Estate group in 2019 and, since then, her professional growth has been steadily increasing! In particular, if we look at the many sales made official by the Great Estate Network during the first half of the year, 6 of these featured our very own Hariet.

Let’s see them.

We start with a small ruin located in the municipality of San Casciano Dei Bagni, which was bought by an Italian client managed by Hariet.

Remaining near the enchanting village of San Casciano Dei Bagni, we find the magnificent farmhouse “La Vista Sulla Val D’Orcia“, a property located in a landscape of rare beauty, able to give a 360° view that leaves you breathless, between the view of the Crete Senesi and that of the ancient spa town of San Casciano.

Good. Last spring this fantastic property was bought by a US client and our Hariet took care of the management of the selling party.

In the countryside surrounding the charming Umbrian village of Monteleone D’Orvieto, “La Villa Delle Rose Inglesi” stands out with all its elegance: a splendid residence built in 2010 with particularly spacious and bright rooms, as well as high-quality finishes and details, surrounded by a luxuriant park that enchants with its 600 rose plants and 300 olive trees.

This charming residence was officially purchased last June by a Dutch client who was masterfully assisted by our Hariet.

Let us now move on to the countryside surrounding the peaceful Lake Trasimeno.

Here Hariet made three sales:

Casa Luigia“, a characteristic stone farmhouse near Tuoro Sul Trasimeno, situated in a secluded location with an extraordinary view of the lake.

“La Guardiola”

La Guardiola“, an enchanting farmhouse with swimming pool directly overlooking the lake in the surroundings of Passignano Sul Trasimeno.

Finally, we would like to remind you of the sale of the magnificent villa “La Bella Vista“, immersed in the soft Umbrian-Tuscan countryside between Castiglione Del Lago and Montepulciano.

While for the first two properties Hariet handled the management of the purchasers, both Dutch, for “La Bella Vista” our Hariet handled both sides of the negotiation very well, achieving an amazing “virtual sale” that made the new owners of the magnificent Umbrian villa, an American couple of Italian origin, happy and satisfied.

So, the first part of 2021 has been very satisfying for one of Great Estate’s international team of consultants, and … there’s plenty more to come!

Our sincere congratulations to Hariet!
A great professional, certainly an example to follow, who has been able to embrace the founding values of the great Great Estate family.

Just to name a few, Hariet’s helpfulness, fairness, and professionalism are qualities that are now fully recognised by her colleagues and, above all, by all the clients who have been lucky enough to find their trusted advisor in her!

So … very good HARIET!

Keep following us! Next week two exciting articles will be online: an interview with Hariet on the “virtual” sale of villa “La Bella Vista”, and an article by our CEO Stefano Petri, commenting on a beautiful message sent to Hariet by the new owners of this magnificent Umbrian villa.

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