Federico Bonaccorsi and “Podere Acquaviva”: “The Best Price is simply incredible!”

Federico Bonaccorsi and “Podere Acquaviva”: “The Best Price is simply incredible!”

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As you will remember, last 18th November the sale of “Podere Acquaviva” was signed. As part of the negotiations, the management of the selling party was handled by Federico Bonaccorsi, a professional from Umbria Domus, a partner agency of the Great Estate group.
We interviewed him.

  • Welcome, Federico, and congratulations on the recent sale of “Podere Acquaviva”.
    First of all, would you like to tell us how did you meet the sellers?

The vendors of “Podere Acquaviva” are a Swiss couple. They had bought the property about 30 years ago, using it only for their summer holidays and weekends. I met them through my father who, as a technician, had taken care of the renovation of the property.

  • In your opinion, what are the strengths of the property?

“Podere Acquaviva” is immersed in a fantastic park, extremely well-maintained and rich in varied and colorful plants, a small but suggestive fish pond, a beautiful swimming pool, and an olive grove. All of this is impeccably cared for by the property’s historic housekeeper.
This wonderful park is the plus that makes this already beautiful farmhouse even more magnificent (discover it here). 

  • Was “Podere Acquaviva” already on sale with other agencies? What kind of collaboration have you established with clients?

At first, the clients decided to entrust the sale of their property to a Swiss agency.

Then, after our meeting during which I presented the Great Estate Network and our working methodology, the clients decided to entrust us with an exclusive assignment for sale, sharing also a marketing plan with our group.

  • Now let’s talk about the property estimate: what are your comments on it?

Initially, through our tool The Best Price, we obtained a valuation of 796,000 euros. The owners, being perfect Swiss, decided to advertise it … guess what … at 796,000 euros!

The final purchase price deviated by only 4 percentage points from our valuation!

So, you will understand that by now comments on The Best Price have become really superfluous:

… is simply a bomb!
It has once again demonstrated its accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness in identifying the objective market value of a property!

  • What can you tell us about the negotiation?

The clients who bought “Podere Acquaviva”, managed by my colleague and friend Roberto Biggera, had already visited the farmhouse last year: they liked it very much. However, in their opinion, the asking price was too high.
For this reason, they took several months to think about their possible purchase of this property.

After that, they decided to make an offer but, unfortunately for them, the owners did not take it into consideration as it did not meet their expectations. So the buyers decided to think about the purchase for a few more months.

In the meantime, we put a lot of effort into making the sellers aware of the development of the market values, so that we could achieve our goal: convincing them to adjust the asking price and accept a fair and interesting offer.

Shortly afterward, the buyers submitted a second purchase proposal which, this time, we managed to get the sellers to accept.

During the negotiation, we encountered some difficulties: not only from an urbanistic point of view, as there were some authorization procedures underway for the regularisation of some small works inherent the house but, mainly, for everything that concerned the communication with our clients and the general management of the negotiation during a particularly and complicated period, such as the one we are still experiencing, linked to the Covid-19 emergency.

  • Federico, your conclusions: are you satisfied with the result?

Absolutely YES.

We at Umbria Domus are absolutely satisfied to have achieved such a great result together with Great Estate and, in particular, together with our great friend and impeccable professional, Roberto Biggera, who, through a Property Finder assignment, has superbly managed and supported the new owners of “Podere Acquaviva”!

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