Great Estate year-end meeting: successes, confirmations and news

Great Estate year-end meeting: successes, confirmations and news

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December 20th, 2018; the year-end meeting of the GE Group took place. Let’s discover together which were the main points.

The year-end GE meeting was not just an opportunity to say Merry Christmas to each other, it was also a way to take stock of the situation regarding the goals reached in 2018, as well as to talk about the ones to be achieved in 2019.

The first part of the meeting was addressed to Great Estate team successes gained during last year, both in terms of new clients and sales total amount. Talking about the clients, the total was 2990 and 2791 of them were buyers. With a particular referring to the sales signed by the offices of San Casciano Dei Bagni, Porto Santo Stefano and Spoleto, 2018 has closed with a total of 38, i.e. 8 more than 2017, and a sales and purchases value of about 31 millions-euros. Indeed, the Group has reached a total annual turnover of about 1 million-euros.

Another important topic debated was the group communication, with the speech of Roberto Pizzinelli, the consulting and web agency Engine Lab CEO and Project Manager, as well as Web Marketing professor and EMEA Google Ambassador. Roberto showed and explained the entire work done during 2017-2018 to increase both the GE website and magazine, as well as the whole communication sector of the group. Roberto took also the occasion to reveal in advance to the professionals some of the 2019 news.

After the tasty and traditional “Christmas lunch” offered by GE, the meeting started again to deal specifically with the services for the seller’s issue, trying to understand how to improve them. At the end of a constructive debate, the stage went to Ilaria Peparaio, the Great Estate Umbria Italian Property Consultant and Eletta Home CEO, who perfectly clarified this new “real estate property valorization” service: the home staging.

Once again, the year-end meeting confirmed that the Group is still growing, demonstrating itself to be a referring point for all those international clients who want to purchase a luxury property in Italy.

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