Internet, new media and the Great Estate Group:property online

Internet, new media and the Great Estate Group:property online

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These new means of communication are a very good way to publicise property on the world market.

The internet today is used by many companies, including the Great Estate Group; it’s a must to succeed in the world’s largest and most important markets.

Each year, the Great Estate Group, carry out a thorough analysis of the various advertising networks available, to ensure increase in their online presence and visibility, which is increasingly important in this world.

Today, this visibility allows us to be known throughout most of Italy and attract clients worldwide.

The Great Estate Group has its presence in the most important real estate web portals in the world. There are numerous countries where our properties are offered for sale and purchasers are located in every continent: Asia, America, Africa, Australia and Europe.

The Group began with the Anglo Saxon market that with years of work and study has successfully established itself, and then it developed with the conquest of the German, Swiss and Russian markets.

This, the Group worked and advertised properties for about 2 years with very good results. And in recent months, the Great Estate Group has begun to explore the Chinese market from which it has already received much positive feedback!

Obviously then, a very positive sign that communication through new multimedia systems and technologies are great tools to contact anyone anywhere in the world.

Edited by Lilia Girotti and translated by Tanya Pia Starrett

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