Mr. Gustafsson and Mrs. Svantesson: this is our “Poggio Fiorito”

Mr. Gustafsson and Mrs. Svantesson: this is our “Poggio Fiorito”

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Since June 2017, “Poggio Fiorito” farmhouse has two new owners: Mr. Gustafsson and Mrs. Svantesson.

As we have already told you in one of our last articles, professor Sabino Cassese, thanks to the GE cooperation, sold his amazing property in Città Della Pieve. Today, we are going to meet its new owners, a very funny couple from Sweden. Their interview:

  • First of all, we want to thank You for the time You have kindly granted us. We would love to know something: a few months after the purchase of the farmhouse “Poggio Fiorito”, what are Your impressions?

Yes, it is not that long ago since we completed the purchase of “Poggio Fiorito” after, what turned out to be, quite an extensive search process. And we must say, taking all into account, we are very happy that we, ultimately, set sight on this property and also made it our plan to acquire it. Being now the owners, we must say, there is so much condensed beauty in this place both in terms of the surrounding landscape as well as in the property itself. It is a true blessing to have breakfast as the sun rises over Cittá della Pieve, and in the evening to have dinner whilst the sun sets over Monte Cetona. And then, there are so many things still to see and explore within the immediate vicinity.

  • Why have You chosen Italy to purchase Your dream holiday home? And why have You chosen Umbria, in particular this area, close to the historical centre of Città della Pieve? Would You recommend it to other international buyers?

Well, there is little to add, to what so many have already said, on the reasons for investing in Italy and its countryside… But when it comes to Umbria, it is a region that has grown on us and it is definitely an area we can recommend to other buyers. What attracted us was the beauty of its landscape, its many lively villages and historic centres and a gem among them – Cittá della Pieve. A city that boasts with multiple excellent restaurants, cool bars, and an intimate lifestyle. Then, briefly crossing the border to Toscana, there is also Cetona with its beautiful plaza, San Casciano di Bagni with its thermal baths as well as Chiusi – from where to take off southwards to Rome or northwards to Florence; both cities easily within 90 minutes reach.

  • Could You explain how You fell in love with this place?

The first time we saw a photo of Poggio Fiorito we were charmed by the way it was positioned in the landscape, placed on a small partially forested hill, and with a cypresses leading up to and surrounding it. Then, we also appreciated the sincere care, and all the thoughts of the previous owners that had gone into the process to restore a farmhouse into a stylish house with modern facilities. What we saw, when we first visited the house, were loads of further potential that we were curious to find ways to explore and realize.

  • How have You found the Great Estate Group? And why have You chosen it to help You find Your dream home?

Quite early in our search process, we came across Great Estate Group and started to engage them in our search process. Throughout this process, we have found them to be very proactive and also trustworthy in the way they have managed the process and in providing & sharing information.

  • Did you already have in mind the house you wanted to buy from the outset or did you change your parameters during your search?

At the start of the process we had a set of pretty well-defined set of parameters that, in retrospect at least, turned out to be critical in order for a search process to be initiated. But then, as we learnt more about the market, the properties available, and even the features of various regions, our parameters became more fluid. Increasingly they were influenced by what we saw and learnt. So, some parameters, ultimately, turned out to be of less importance while others, such as convenient access, lively countryside, as well as potential for the future, came to gain in importance.

  • Did it take a long time to find the right property?

In fact, our search process took a couple of years, and involved a number of trips to Italy. We think this was a good investment of time and long enough period for us to gain an understanding what an investment in Italy means, which are the options available, which are the price levels and what in the end is important to us. And then, through our search process, we got acquainted with real estate agencies, to be familiarized with the specifics of buying property in Italy, to finally entrust one agency to initiate the process.

  • How did Great Estate Group help You through the phases of negotiations?

Great Estate has provided a highly professional support for us as buyer. Once we had come across Poggio Fiorito and when we had placed it on our shortlist, they engaged the seller and buyer in a process to understand our mutual expectations and our respective comfort zones. Once these were aligned, they facilitated the technical review, developed the bid and managed the process of its acceptance. Great Estate has the capacity to work both with the buyer and seller and to engage both parties in a mutual process to ultimately serve to commit both parties. Then, after the deal was closed, Great Estate has also supported us with some of the practicalities; a support which comes very handy especially for us as international buyers.

  • Could You briefly explain Your experience with Roberto Biggera, the Great Estate professional who took care of Your purchase?

Since we were introduced to Great Estate, all our interactions with them has been through Roberto Biggera. So, when we appreciate Great Estate for their support to our purchase of “Poggio Fiorito” the credit is in particular due to Roberto Biggera. Together with him we have seen dozens of properties, we have explored how the property market works and once we had set our mind on “Poggio Fiorito” he has successfully managed the process to its closure. On top of this, as we have set our mind to also rent the house, he has also acted as a facilitator to introduce us to architects, interior designers and renters. By now, we are well underway in our process to build a pool and also make the interiors reflective of our needs and style.

  • Have you been satisfied from the service offered to international buyers by Great Estate Group and its professionals?

The simple answer to this question is: Yes. Very much so. Great Estate has the capacity to offer a 360 service to their clients, and we were fortunate to be in receipt of such a service.

  • Would you recommend Great Estate Group to other buyers?

Yes, definitely.

If you too are looking for your dream property in Italy, do not wait any longer! Visit our website or contact our head office.

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