“La Pergola”: our new amazing home in Cetona

“La Pergola”: our new amazing home in Cetona

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The second part of the interview to the Italian couple who, thanks to the GE support and after the sale of their farmhouse, purchased an amazing home into the historic centre of Cetona: their new residence and experience with Great Estate.

After the sale of “Il Giardino Segreto”, you kept collaborating with our Group by purchasing another property: “La Pergola” apartment in Cetona. Why did you decide to choose an apartment?

After having sold our farmhouse, we decided to call Stefano and ask him if there was any property for sale for us. At the beginning, he proposed us two small farmhouses. However, we realized that this would have create us a situation similar to the one we had just left.

One day, I remember that some friends of us said:

“… there is a home for sale in the historic centre, near the Collegiata…”

My husband, at the beginning, refused the possibility to move in there! I remember him saying:

“… Not in the town… I have always lived surrounded by nature…”

Despite this, I thought:

“…let’s go to visit it, even just for curiosity.”

In conclusion, we visited “La Pergola” with some of our children and, upon reflection, my husband and I decided to purchase it. Our children, instead, said that we were crazy to take a so drastic decision: indeed, this property was completely different from “Il Giardino Segreto”.

What did you like the most about this house? Which are its strengths?

As my wife has already said, despite my initial considerations and after having visited the one which would have become our new home, I had to change my mind.

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è vendesi-appartamento-in-centro-storico-in-toscana-siena-cetona-1571988762116.jpg

“La Pergola” constitutes the head of a tower with an open view on four sides: so, it is free on all its sides and enjoys of a great view on both the Cetona Mountain and the town itself.

Two were the features that amazed us immediately: its incredible brightness and the charming panorama we could admire from its windows, something very rare to find for a historic centre home (click here to discover the property).

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è vendesi-appartamento-in-centro-storico-in-toscana-siena-cetona-15719887161149.jpg

Moreover, we appreciated its style a lot: it was furnished almost as it is now, maybe a little “shabbier”, but with a great taste. I would have left it has it was but, given the number of furnishings we have, we decided to move some of ours into the new house.

Finally, “La Pergola” has also another winning characteristic: indeed, it can be reached by car.

Did you already know the owner of the apartment? During the negotiation, how was your relationship with her?

We had never met the ex-owner of the house, but the negotiation went very well. It has been completely managed by Stefano.

Given your experiences with Great Estate, would you recommend our Group? In your opinion, which are our strengths? And which are the aspects we could improve?

Compared to all the other agencies, a clear advantage of Great Estate is represented by its The Best Price system.

For a vendor, especially at the beginning, the realization of the real value of his/her property is something very hard to accept, but it is also fundamental.

Despite my wife – who has always rebutted what Stefano said -, I had immediately realized that he was right. Indeed, through The Best Price, we did 4-5 price verifications and the system was always right. I have to admit that, during the negotiation of “Il Giardino Segreto”, I have always pushed to reach the closure of the price suggested by Stefano.

Given this small introduction, we absolutely recommend Great Estate to other clients: we have already suggested Stefano to two friends of us who would like to sell their properties.

However, we warned them already: if their intention is the one of selling, they will have to accept a price which will be lower than the one they thought.

We really appreciated Great Estate.

As already said, our new home, “La Pergola”, amazed us so much that we decided to purchase it in a very few hours and at a price we considered to be fair.

In addition to the quality and efficiency of the services offered by the Group, we would recommend Great Estate for its professionalism too: Stefano Petri has always treated us with a great attention, by constantly solving every problem we had to face.

Talking about his partners, in our specific case Filippo Cori (who managed the buyer of “Il Giardino Segreto”), Roberto Biggera, Silvia Piovanello – the photographer – and Anna Marchettini – the responsible of the GE administration office – we want to underline the attention they had always proved towards us.

We would like to close this interview with a comment:

Every one of you, every single Great Estate partner, you are the children of an area where the sense of respect towards the others, especially who, like us, is a little more aged is still very much alive: an attitude, this, which has unfortunately become unthinkable in a large city or town.

Every one of you has nobly proved to have this attitude towards us.

For this reason, we would like to warningly thank you.

Paolo Pasqui and Anna Albertelli

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