Lucia Verdi: the winning cooperation with Great Estate

Lucia Verdi: the winning cooperation with Great Estate

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We are going to propose you the interview to Ms. Lucia Verdi, the ex-owner of “Il Sogno Di Città Della Pieve” apartment. The interview dates back to 2016, when GE sold another property of Ms. Verdi.

Welcome Ms. Verdi. Can you tell us something about yourself? How did you discover Great Estate?

Hi, I come from Umbria. Currently, I am the Bank Manager of Banca Valdichiana Credito Cooperativo Tosco Umbro office in Castiglion Fiorentino, Arezzo.

After my degree, I started to dedicate myself to the real estate world. With the time passing, it has become one of my hobbies: the fact of purchase, renovate or even create a property in order sell it is not just an investment, but it is a contribution for yourself too. Instead, sometimes, when the work is done, I am quite sorry to sell my creation.

I have known Stefano Petri for almost twenty years. I have always known also that he was into the real estate but, until today, I have always managed my selling by myself.

Some years ago, while dealing with the sale of one of my properties in Cortona, I received some very good references about Great Estate, but I did not know that Stefano was its CEO yet. When I contacted the group, pleasantly surprised, I discovered this coincidence! It was really a great opportunity!

Can you tell us some details about the villa in Tuoro Sul Trasimeno (click here to read the property tab)?

Years ago, as an investment, I purchased the land and, after having received all the documentation needed by law, I started the building of the villa. I would like to underline that all the papers I had were immediately made available to the clients, even before the concrete sale.

Why did you decide to give us an exclusive assignment for sale including an international marketing plan? Are you satisfied with it?

Let’s say that Stefano’s self-confidence and professionalism while proposing me the group’s working method made me decided so. Then, during the following days, by visiting the GE website, reading some articles of its magazine, looking at the properties photo and video shootings, I had no doubts: I had found the professionals I were looking for! I shared a great Marketing Plan which allowed me to sell the villa in just nine months! I believe that my satisfaction is very clear: we reached the final goal in a really short time.

How many visits did your property receive? 

At least five: all focused, calm and professional visits. In order to introduce me potential buyers only, Great Estate had made an accurate selection of “my” target clientele. I think that this initial selection of the agency is one of its strengths. Moreover, GE consultants were always ready to answer to every possible question. Finally, I have also truly appreciated the agency’s respect towards my work: I love dealing with the visit organization and property presentation, from the house cleaning to its the lighting and heating.

Let’s talk now about the negotiation: how was is? What do you think about the new owners?

Despite the excellent sale process duration, the negotiation was pretty long. 

The new owners were very friendly and professional, but also really demanding, by even asking me to stay to test my property for a few days. Obviously, given their seriousness, we agreed and, together with the agency, tried to satisfy them. So, I believe they obtained what they were looking for. 

Again, a Great Estate excellent work!

To conclude, how was your experience with Great Estate?

If I have to describe my experience in a word, I would say “professionalism”.

Great Estate offers very efficient services and a great organization (discover it here). My villa was not an easy property to sell: in this particular historic moment, a property whose target is a medium-high one is not the easiest thing to sell, but Great Estate did it! And I think it was just the result of the group’s important work done.

According to my experience into the real estate, I can affirm that it is not so easy to find a so well organized and professional group as Great Estate is: maybe, at the beginning, you could have the impression of a too “heavy” process management but, going on with it, the GE professionals’ commitment will become very clear.

Indeed, a property purchasing or selling is not something which can be superficially managed: punctuality, precision, experience and method are needed. Those are all Great Estate’s features.

I am so satisfied with the work done that I have also gave the assignment for sale of another property of mine to the group.

The property to which Ms. Verdi is referring herself to is “Il Sogno Di Città Della Pieve” (click here to read the property tab), sold by the cooperating of Stefano Petri and Giacomo Buonavita. 

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