Biada: the real estate estimate of Great Estate was winning! Biada: the real estate estimate of Great Estate was winning!

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We are going to propose you the interesting interview to Biada, the vendors of “La Torretta” in Todi: the winning estimate of “The Best Price”, the due diligence importance and much more.

Mr. Biada and Mrs. Antonia, welcome and thank you for the time you are giving us.

We know that you have finally found the “right client” for your incredible property in Umbria, “La Torretta” farmhouse: how long have you been the owners of this property?

We owned it from 1997 to 2019.

Which were the reasons why you decided to sell the house?

We did it because of many reasons, among which some personal ones that made the managing of the property too difficult for us.

For how long time has “La Torretta” farmhouse remained into the market?

For about five years.

At the beginning, when you entrusted yourself to other agencies too, have they proposed you any property estimate? If so, have them turned out to be correct during the time?

To be honest, we have always been the ones who decided the property asking price.

We know that Great Estate, in the person of our CEO Stefano Petri, has always suggested you other values compared to the ones the other agencies gave you. What do you think about the obvious gap between our and their suggestions? Now, a few years later, what is your opinion about Stefano’s considerations and the ones of the other agencies?

You, as Great Estate, were the only ones who, from the very beginning of our cooperation, gave us a precise and detailed property estimate which, considering the market trend, proved itself to be winning.

To today, do you think that having received a real – and not just a hypothetic – consultancy by all the agencies would have been correct?

Realistically speaking, we did not want and/or ask for any estimate to the other agencies.

In December 2018 you reduced the property asking price from € 680.000 to € 620.000. If we may ask, why did you do it? In your opinion, which was the effect of this decision?

We decreased the price because exasperated by a difficult family situation.

In March, the negotiation with the buyer managed by Roberto Biggera – who, from that moment, substituted our CEO into the negotiation – started. What do you think about Roberto Biggera’s consultancy? And, more in general, what about the team one?

Roberto Biggera’s professionalism and reliability were almost laudable. He supported us by taking charge of all our problems and doubts, proving so to be more just a “friend” of us. Regarding the team, it proved us to be very professional and prepared.

We know that you had to face some urbanistic and cadastral “discrepancies” because of some worthless but complex aspects which were then all solved. When Stefano suggested you to let your trusted specialist do a property due diligence something that we, as Great Estate, always require to do to our clients -, which was your opinion about it? To today, when all it is done, what do you think about it?

The request of a property due diligence and its execution have been very important and not just for the buyer, but for us, the sellers, as well. Indeed, this will avoid us any possible future notification.

Would you recommend Great Estate to other clients who, as you did, are willing to sell their property by finding their “right client”?

Of course! We surely recommend Great Estate to all those people who want to sell or purchase a luxury property. Moreover, we would like to say hi and thank the Group, in particular the “BOSS” (STEFANO PETRI) and our dearest ROBERTO.


Maria Antonia and Lucio Biada

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