Ziv: the My Agent assignment and their relationship with Roberto Biggera Ziv: the My Agent assignment and their relationship with Roberto Biggera

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Eran and Emi Ziv are the new lucky owners of the amazing “Casale Ameria” in Amelia. It has been purchased thanks to the undersigning of a My Agent contract with the GE consultant Roberto Biggera. We interviewed the clients.

If we can ask, where do you live and what do you do in life?

We live in Israel. I am in the high-tech business

Why did you decide to buy a property in Italy? Did you already know our country and in particular this area of ​​Umbria?

It has been Emi’s dream for many years. We love Italy, the people, the scenery and the atmosphere. It was natural that if we are going to buy a house outside Israel, Italy will be our only choice. We knew Italy quite well including Umbria

In what circumstances did you meet and contact the Great Estate group?

We received Roberto contacts with warm recommendations from friends that enjoy working with him few years ago.

We know that your G.E. it was Roberto Biggera. We know that you have established a great relationship of trust with him through the dedicated My Agent service. Why did you rely exclusively on Roberto for his research?

We talked with few Italian Property agencies. But immediately after the first phone conversation with Roberto, we felt he is the right guy for us. We believe in trust and honesty. We believe in hard work and high performance. We believe that you can reach this only by mutual commitment. When we decided to work with Roberto, using him exclusivity was the only way to go. There is no need to spend time with others when you can get the best from one. 

How many properties did you see with him?

We checked with Roberto few dozen properties, ended with visiting about 30.

What impressed you so much in “Casale Ameria” to decide to buy it? What did you like most about this property?

Beautiful house with magic view of old Amelia city. Unique Architecture combing new and old style. The size and number of rooms exactly what we looked for. New construction to guaranty house quality. Buy and step in. No need any further investment. Great location (close to a city, easy to reach Rome airport and close to the main A1 road).

For what purpose will you use the house (permanent home or vacation home)?

Probably as a vacation house primarily, but might turn to be more of a permanent house in the future. Time will tell.

Did you know the medieval village of Amelia and the other beautiful historic villages in the area? What do you like about this particular area?

We had pretty good idea of how beautiful Umbria is. Mainly the main cities which we visited in the past. We were not familiar with Amelia and its region before. But from the moment we first visited the city, we fell in love with it and its area. A real majestic location.

Was the negotiation and purchase process complicated? Did you encounter any problems during the purchase process? Was the Great Estate service offered useful throughout the purchasing process?

Everything have been completed very fast. GE was very helpful in closing the deal with the vendor and finalizing all the purchasing process fast and efficient.

What do you think of the advertising, communication and multimedia tools that Great Estate uses to update and inform its customers? Is there something that Great Estate could improve in this regard?

GE has a great web site. Easy to navigate and to find what you are looking for. My only comment is that I would be happy to see more properties there are really there. There are much more options in the area than can be found at GE site.

In short, can you tell us about your experience with the Great Estate group?

They truly helped us turning the purchasing property in Italy to a great experience. They are a true professional property agency. Knowing the area. Great understanding of doing the job right. Perfect in the way you do business in Italy. Good English speaking.

Good understanding of how to help foreigners finding and purchasing the right property in Italy. But above all, there are the People.

Stephano, Roberto, Suzanne and the rest of the office. All are always nice, professional, knowing their job, eager to help and always always there for you.

Before you make the business when no one guaranty there will be a business. And after the job done. They are there for you, helping with everything you need. Very critical for foreigners that do not speak Italian and are not familiar with local manners and procedures.

The right people you like as friends not just a business associate.

Would you recommend Great Estate to other international customers who, just like you, want to buy a prestigious property in Italy? And if so, for what reasons?

Sure. Exactly as I put in the previous question

A special thanks to Eran and Emi Ziv.

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