Our interview with the new owners of “Margherita E Gelsomino”, Massimo and Birgit

Our interview with the new owners of “Margherita E Gelsomino”, Massimo and Birgit

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Among the sales officialised by Great Estate in December 2020, there was also the one of “Margherita E Gelsomino”, a charming farmhouse near Cetona.
Today, we are going to propose to you our interview with Massimo and Birgit, the new owners, who were managed by Roberto Biggera.

Do you remember our article about the extraordinary results obtained by Great Estate in December 2020? The last month of 2020 brought us to eight sales.

Among these, the one of the house named “Margherita and Gelsomno”, a beautiful farmhouse located in “Borgo Matero”, surrounded by nature but very close to Cetona, Tuscany.

Thanks to the professionalism of Roberto Biggera – the buyers’ consultant – this property has been purchased by a couple from Rome on December, 16th 2020. We met them.

Welcome, Birgit and Massimo. First of all, congratulations on your recent purchase!

  • Why did you decide to purchase a property in Tuscany, in Cetona? Did you already know this area? What do you prefer about it?

We discover this area about ten years ago. We fell in love with its calmness and beauty: something that made us feel at home.

  • Why did you decide to purchase this home? How will you use it?

“Margherita E Gelsomino” will be, in the beginning, our holiday home. But we want to move permanently here in the future.

  • How did you discover Great Estate?

Through the web while looking for some properties for sale in the area of Cetona.

  • We know that your trusted consultant was Roberto Biggera. Why did you decide to entrust yourself to him for your research?

We have often come to Cetona during these last years, so some friends of ours – who were also clients of Great Estate – suggested to us your Group, Roberto in particular.

  • How many properties did you visited with Roberto?

During our first meeting, Roberto proposed us different solutions, including in Umbria, and all within our budget. However, if compared to “Magherita and Gelsomino” they were not close to Cetona and Piazze. For this reason, as well as because of the budget, we focused on the properties in “Borgo Matero”, the location of the house we had finally purchased.

  • What brought you to the purchase of “Margherita E Gelsomino”? Which are the best features of this home?
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The huge garden of the house, as well as the structure of the main home with its patio, have surely influenced our decision. Moreover, the possibility of hosting some guests and give them their own home where to stay has represented an advantage.

  • Do you remember your first property visit? Which were your impressions?

During the first visit to “Margherita e Gelsomino”, we had some doubts. Being it an old agriturismo, its inner spaces had a very particular layout. For this reason, we will surely have to adjust it in the future.

  • What can you tell us regarding this negotiation and purchase? Did you have to face any particular problem? What do you think of the assistance received by Great Estate?

If there was not the pandemic, and all its consequences, the negotiation, and purchase of our new home would have been surely quicker.

Said that we did not find any particular problem, thanks to Roberto’s professionalism as well.

  • Would you recommend Great Estate to other national and international clients who, right like you did, are willing to purchase a prestigious property in Italy?

According to our experience, surely positive, we would recommend your Group!

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