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From 7 to 12 September, the “Open Great Estate Immobiliare” padel tournament will be held at the Foligno Sport Center: an important event, not only in terms of sport, of which our network will be the official sponsor.

Padel: a discipline that is outperforming any other sport to be practised among friends, currently counting 3,000 courts throughout Italy, compared to 800 two years ago, and 6,500 members.

Its fans include men and women, young and old, famous (including Francesco Totti and Giorgia Meloni) and not so famous. It is a sport, but also a real business, since a padel court can make up to 6,000 euros a month.

This sport will be the protagonist of the “Open Great Estate Real Estate”, a F.I.T. Open Padel tournament to be held from 7 to 12 September at the Foligno Sport Center, and of which our group is the official sponsor.

The Foligno Sport Center began its activities on 17 July 2020 with the construction of two padel courts and a beach volleyball court. Initially there were two partners, Fabio Marano (President) and Giuseppe Falcinelli (sports director), both with degrees in motor sciences, who set up an amateur sports club.
They were later joined by Anna Caselli and Nicola Pazzogna (both currently team managers of the club): two new additions that coincided with the implementation of the centre, which now has 4 padel courts (with the same surface area used by the World Padel Tour).

Anna Caselli states that:

“We are unique in Foligno, as we are the only ones with an indoor facility.

In addition, we can boast the collaboration of a Spanish padel instructor, Daniel Luengo Calado, who has years of experience as a padel instructor in Spain (where the sport has been going crazy for a long time), but who is also a great player (ranking 1.1).”

In addition, we have set up an Academy, with Mr. Lorenzo Micheli, one of the best athletic trainers on the market, following athletes of national level, as one of our collaborators.

I am proud to announce that from 7 to 12 September at our sports centre will take place a F.I.T. Open Padel tournament, whose main sponsor will be Great Estate Immobiliare: the Great Estate Immobiliare Open Tournament, with a prize money of 1,450 euros.”

The Great Estate Immobiliare Network, specialised in the purchase and sale of villas, farmhouses, and other prestigious properties in Italy, with a particular focus on Umbria, Marche, and Tuscany, is increasingly present in the Umbrian territory and, with the occasion of the sporting event in September, announces the imminent opening of the new office in Spoleto, in the historical centre of the city, in Via Arco di Druso 15.
Our consultants Carla Caselli and Filippo Cori will be at the helm.

So says the group’s CEO, Stefano Petri:

“Together with the forthcoming opening of the new offices in Castiglione Del Lago (PG) and Montepulciano (SI), preceded by the recent office in Orvieto (TR), Great Estate aims to offer a capillary presence in the vast and wonderful Umbrian-Tuscan territory, bringing professionalism and innovation in Real Estate“.

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