Purchasing with GE is a whole other music! Word of Valter Luciani

Purchasing with GE is a whole other music! Word of Valter Luciani

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It is now becoming a habitué of our Magazine: the GE consultant Valter Luciani. His tenacity and professionalism allowed him to close different sales. Among these, there is also the one of the prestigious “Casa Della Musica”, officially purchased in October 2020 by an Italian couple managed by Valter. The interview.
  • Welcome, Valter. After a very short time, we are here to tell our readers about another important sale signed by Great Estate, the one of “Casa Della Musica”. First of all, would you like to give us some more details about the buyers?

The buyers of “Casa Della Musica” are an Italian couple who is living between Milan and Paris: Mrs Maria Rosaria and her husband, Mr Gilberto. They contacted us in September 2019 through our website.

I remember that their requirements were very direct and clear. Indeed, Mr Gilberto expressed his intentions: “I do not want to waste my time”. This is precisely why, once having received their request, I immediately contacted him back in order to analyse some property together. The rapidity of my contact – which is one of the fundamental aspects of the process that GE follows to manage its buyers – allowed me to start my cooperation with Mr Gilberto very well.

  • Which kind of property were they looking for? Where?

They already have a property in Calabria and a relative who is living in our area, near Piegaro. This is why they were looking for a farmhouse near the border between Umbria and Tuscany, not too far from the highway connecting Rome to Florence. This location would have allowed them not just to live close to their relative but, in the meantime, to be halfway between North and South, a goof stop during their travels between Milan and Calabria.

Indeed, “Casa Della Musica” will be a supporting point in the centre of Italy to enjoy both holidays and relaxing moments in peace and tranquillity. After the “cold” North and the “warm” South, they were dreaming of a charming property in the “mild” Centre of Italy (discover it here).

  • How many properties did you visit together?

Let us say that we visited “in-person” two properties. However, during our cooperation, we analysed also other houses that were present on our website. Moreover, I would like to highlight that the client was in contact with other agencies too. With these agencies, he had visited some farmhouses, all with a location very difficult to reach.

With huge satisfaction, today I can affirm that, in the end, we were the only ones who had identified the right property for them and so to achieve the objective.

  • Could you please tell us shortly why the clients decided to purchase this home and how the negotiation was?

Sure! I would like to start from the end of last winter. Together with Mr Gilberto, we visited a GE property in the area of Cetona. In the beginning, it seemed to have many of the features they were looking for. However, it was not perfect: the land was small and had a right of way on it. To this, we have to consider also the situation caused by Covid and its consequences.

Despite the efforts, this historic moment did not help us. Indeed, the owners were abroad and they could not come back. Then, when they finally went back home, they needed some relaxation. So, it was not possible to identify the “right moment” and reach the agreement. There were some stressing moments, and the buyers were at the point of abandon the idea of the purchase.

However, with patience, I was able to “bring” the client back to Great Estate by proposing to him some of our most prestigious proposals.

Given the desire of being closer to the relatives in Piegaro, we were back in Umbria, right when we were under lockdown.

Right under these circumstances, we proved the strength of Great Estate by working “remotely”.

Indeed, I proposed to Mr Gilberto a charming farmhouse in Città Della Pieve: “Casa Della Musica”. For this property, our drone pilot and photographer, Ludovico and Silvia, realized a beautiful video and a professional photo shooting.

As I told you, I showed this “remotely” to Mr Gilberto, but we were able to analyse all the features of the property: not just the panorama, but also the floor plans of the house. In this way, the clients could understand the spaces that characterized the living area, something they were very concentrated in. the buyer would have preferred a further bathroom, so we immediately identified the area where to create it by solving so this problem.

Another detail: the buyer asked the vendors for verification of the systems and furnishing. These aspects can, sometimes, become real problems that may undermine the negotiation.

However, even in this case, thanks to great teamwork and the owners’ cooperation, we found the right agreement.

The last step missing: VISITING THE PROPERTY IN-PERSON, something that the buyer could not do before because of Covid.

Optimistic and hopeful, I kept the relationship with the parties alive: I was really convinced that “Casa Della Musica” was the right property for Mr Gilberto and his wife.

Finally, summer has come and the client could visit “Casa Della Musica”: a short and concrete visit that confirmed our work, rewarded by the signing of a purchase offer and a guarantee-cheque.

So, no more hesitations. I thought: “SOLD”!

To the amazement of all, I notified this to Ilaria, the colleague who – together with the GE CEO Stefano Petri – managed the vendors. During the following days, we worked at some requests of the buyers and arranged some documents.

Once completed this phase, we were in autumn. The final deed of sale signing took place at the Studio Canape in Città Della Pieve on October, 16th 2020.

The reaching of this important result was possible thanks to the support of all the professionals involved. In particular, Roberto Biggera who, with the “double-work” he made for his client – very interested in “Casa Della Musica”– the night of the purchase offer signing supported me a lot. Again, Ilaria and Stefano who, with patience and comprehension, supported me and my steps toward the objective.

Moreover, the negotiation could be done regularly thanks to the clear and definitive technical-urbanistic situation of the property.

The farmhouse was ready to move in. There was just a problem concerning the swimming pool. My client was a swimmer, so he really cared a lot about the swimming pool. For this reason, the ex-owners of “Casa Della Musica” worked hard in order to solve everything soon.

  • Valter, how would you close this interview about “Casa Della Musica”?

Personally, but I think to speak also for Stefano and Ilaria, I am really satisfied with this sale. We made huge efforts to find the right solution in a so hard period.

Mr Gilberto said I am a “possibilist”, ready to fight the difficulties and recognized the potentialities of Great Estate, able to sell “Casa Della Musica” during the pandemic.

So, if you want to sell or purchase a dream home, do not hesitate. Entrust yourself to Great Estate and… it will be a different drum!

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