The sale of “Casa Della Musica”: a successful symphony in Great Estate!

The sale of “Casa Della Musica”: a successful symphony in Great Estate!

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Città della Pieve is still the protagonist of a success signed Great Estate thanks to the sale of the property known as “Casa Della Musica”, officially sold on October, 16th 2020 to an Italian couple.

Casa Della Musica” gives you calmness and nature, located in the green countryside separating Umbria and Tuscany, the ones near Città Della Pieve.

A really characteristic property. It is able to catch the attention just through its charm and personality, as well as for its panorama. Indeed, from “Casa Della Musica”, it is possible to admire an incredible view on the beautiful hills that surround it, rich in vineyards, woods, and olive groves, till reaching the Cetona mountain. All this is enriched by the presence of a swimming pool and a large park.

This property is surely very fascinating. It has been purchased by a couple from the North of Italy.

A very important sale – the value goes over € 900,000.00 – signed by the GE consultants Valter Luciani – who managed the buyers – and Ilaria Peparaio – who managed the vendors.

Ilaria told us that ..

I met the ex-owners of “Casa Della Musica” thanks to some mutual friends of us: two Italian sisters who have been owning the house for about 20 years. They live in Rome, but they often stayed at the farmhouse: it represented their family-country house for years.

During my first visit to the property, I immediately recognized its strength: its charm and location, near Città Della Pieve, and very panoramic (discover it here).

Questa immagine ha l'attributo alt vuoto; il nome del file è vendesi-rustico-casale-in-umbria-perugia-citta-della-pieve-1590766090246.jpg

Once visited it, I identified its market value through our system The Best Price. In the beginning, the vendors did not agree with our decision. They gave the assignment for sale of the property to two other agencies, one of which entered it into the market with a +20% value if compared to the one we suggested to them.

However, the vendors had rapidly understood that, in order to sell quickly and profitably their home, they had to adequate the price of the property to its real market value.

So, in June 2020, I officially acquired the property by sharing with them a free assignment for sale. This was because of the fact that the house was already in the market with other agencies.

I am satisfied with the result achieved for different reasons.

First of all, we were the ones who finally sold the property and not the other agencies.

Moreover, considering that the acquisition of “Casa Della Musica” and its advertising date back to June 2020 and that the negotiation was closed in September – so just three months later – we were able to bring the sale home in a very short time.

Finally, this is surely the most important aspect, despite the presence of the other two agencies, I was able to acquire the property at the price I wanted: its real market value. Above all, we were able to close the sale with a value that perfectly matched our estimates.

Another important confirmation of the importance and efficiency of our The Best Price.

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