Riccardo Luculli and Nadia Aron: Sabina and Uwe become our friends

Riccardo Luculli and Nadia Aron: Sabina and Uwe become our friends

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During the sale of “Santa Maria Nuova”, signed in June 2020, the persons in charge of the GE German market dealt with buyers. We are going to propose their considerations.


Sabina and Uwe, the new owners of “Santa Maria Nuova”, have contacted Nadia during winter 2019. They used Italia Immobilien website.

A direct phone contact surely represents a great approach: it always consists of creating a direct feeling in a very fast way.

Sabina and Uwe are an Italian-German couple. She comes from the Lake Como area but, for 20 years now, she is living with her husband Uwe in Tübingen, a charming town in Baden-Württemberg.


Given that the purpose of their purchase was a definitive transfer in Italy, Sabina and Uwe were looking for a property which may combine with their life’s style: to be used not just during holidays, but all year long as their main residence. Moreover, they wanted a property to use also as a touristic facility or holiday-home: they are both young and VERY active!

Together with Uwe, Nadia did an important remote-screening work by selecting a macro-area – Tuscany-Umbria –, then the property. They created a list of five properties that matched the majority of their research criteria.

In this way, given that the buyers proved themselves to be very concrete and sincere, in a weekend we were able to identify the one that would have then become their home: “Santa Maria Nuova”.


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In the end, their choice was represented by this property. It has a very unique position: on the top of a hill, surrounded by a protected area, and just a few kilometers from Chiusi with all its services. Moreover, this house represents precisely what clients were looking for: solid, well done, divided into more living areas, and with an amazing swimming pool area.

So, a perfect property to be lived and to be used as touristic accommodation as they desired! Would you like to discover it? Click here.


The negotiation was quite short. Indeed, the buyers presented an offer that was very close to the property asking price (€ 680,000.00), and Stefano Petri – the GE CEO and the vendors’ consultant – explained it carefully to Mrs. Bono, who has then accepted it.

From a technical-bureaucratic point of view, no particular problems have emerged. A property due-diligence was already at our disposal, so we did not have any difficulty solving.

The real problem was the lock-down caused by Covid-19. Indeed, the buyers had to sign the contract and transfer everything from Germany during that period. This caused many problems and difficulties connected to transports, papers signing, etc.

However… how we say… all’s well that ends well.


Surely, even if every single sale is a reason for satisfaction, we have to admit that, in this case, our satisfaction was even higher!

Sabina and Uwe become true friends: we spent together many pleasant moments!

They are still very enthusiastic about their purchase and keep thanking us to have guided them in a very clear a complete way “through” the Italian bureaucracy, as well as for having proposed them “Santa Maria Nuova” as their new and ideal home.

This is the best part of our work!

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