The strategies and winning tools of Great Estate: the sale of “Santa Maria Nuova”

The strategies and winning tools of Great Estate: the sale of “Santa Maria Nuova”

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Another extraordinary goal reached by Stefano Petri’s team that confirms the efficiency of a sale strategy and the powerful organization of the GE Network: the sale of “Santa Maria Nuova”.

Let’s go back in time, let’s go back to 2018, the year when Great Estate Network sold “Il Piccolo Loft” (read here our article about it).

A sale that came from the use of a precise strategy, thought, and used by GE CEO, Mr. Stefano Petri, the professional who dealt with the vendors.

Il Piccolo Loft” (click here to discover it) was part of a large property composed of a guesthouse (“Il Piccolo Loft”) and a large main farmhouse (today know as “Santa Maria Nuova”).

At the beginning, the decision taken was the one of enter the whole property on the market: the main farmhouse, guesthouse, swimming pool and all the land.

However, with time passing, this choice did not bring to any result. Indeed, considered the size and the consequent asking price of the property, it was not able to catch the attention of the market.

The strategy suggested by Stefano Petri and adopted in June 2018 was decisive:

Dividing the property by selling the guesthouse (“Il Piccolo Loft” and its 2,000 sqm of garden) and the main farmhouse (Santa Maria Nuova” with its 7,500 sqm of garden and swimming pool) separately.

Thanks to this, “Il Piccolo Loft” found its ideal buyer in November 2018 (read here the interview). The same amazing goal was reached for “Santa Maria Nuova” too.

Indeed, last June, this property has been officially purchased by a German couple. The clients were managed by the persons in charge of the GE German market: Nadia Aron and Riccardo Luculli.

So, that strategy that proved itself to be the winning one in 2018 (read here Stefano Petri’s opinion regarding “Il Piccolo Loft”) confirms, with the sale of “Santa Maria Nuova”, all its power and efficacy.

In the meantime, it proves also the performing level of the innovative tools created by the Group. An example of those: the estimate system The Best Price and the analysis system The Best Redemption, both fundamental as the strategy created by our CEO for the sale of “Santa Maria Nuova”.

Would you discover more in detail the sale of “Santa Maria Nuova”? Read the opinion and comments of our CEO, Mr. Stefano Petri… keep reading the Great Estate Magazine!

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