Marco Venanzi: my goals in the Home Staging sector

Marco Venanzi: my goals in the Home Staging sector

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Today, the GE consultant Marco Venanzi is going to tell you his work in the Home Staging business by explaining to you how, in his opinion, this new and important service offered by Great Estate may support the sale of a property.

Marco, in our last interview you told us that, before joying Great Estate as a real estate consultant, you had some important professional experiences in the Home Staging field too. Would you like to tell us when and how did you discover this important service?

Sure! I am a strong supporter of Home Staging as a marketing strategy combined with a fair sale one. Moreover, I really believe that it is also concrete support to all the real estate actors: sellers, buyers, and professionals of the field. I have been testing its efficiency for three years now: the real estate valorization as an efficient selling strategy. I experienced the use of the Home Staging in many properties between Umbria, Lazio, and Tuscany. Data are clear.

  • The percentage of properties sold after a valorizing intervention and an emotional photo shooting is about 98%.
  • The timing of the sale of these properties is shorter: from a few days to a few months.
  • The value of these properties is greatly defended.
  • The clicks on the staged properties become tons, and they then become visit requests and purchase offers.

I support the validity of the Home Staging both for the real estate agent who has to deal with a property perfectly staged and the vendors who, from that, take an important benefit: the decrease of the time the property will remain on the market as well as a great defense of its value.

Moreover, the buyers appreciate this marketing tool because it helps them to see the real potentialities of a property and fall in love with it at first sight.

Would you like to tell us something about the staging you personally did?

Every Home Staging work is an adventure: every time you do so, you meet the history of the property, you study its target and potentialities and then you proceed with a consolidated working method that ends with the valorization intervention itself and the realization of an emotional photo shooting. I remember two in particular.

The Home Staging done into a historic centre apartment in Orvieto that was on the market for four years already and then sold in three months. The apartment was full of furniture and quite old. After a huge decluttering intervention – through which the apartment has been emptied – the painting and staging of it, as well as its photo shooting, have become. The vendor was really satisfied with the results achieved and happy to have experienced the Home Staging.

A little before the Covid-19 emergency, I deal with the Home Staging of a noble apartment into the historic centre of Orvieto: in this case too, the property has been sold after just two months.

The apartment had some important ceilings, position, lightening and size. However, it was on the market for years. They were not able to attract some potential buyers because the house was completely empty, so it did not create any emotion on the clients. In this case, the vendors did not have any doubt in using the Home Staging to valorise their home. The kitchen, living and sleeping areas, studio, and entrance have been staged.

In this case too, the result in terms of information requests has been immediately reached. The apartment has been sold at a value perfectly in line with the asking price and the owners have immediately regained the investment done.

Marco, in your opinion, does the Home Staging represent a concrete business solution able to concretely contribute to the sale of a property? If so, how?

The Home Staging is a real estate marketing strategy through which it is possible to obtain the best property positioning on the current market, a market that is every day more selective. It allows you to face the increasing demand of quality that comes from the potential buyers and that offers to those vendors a further channel of visual communication, essential for the web.

Marco, why a person who decides to sell a prestigious property should choose the marketing tool of the Home Staging?

The market’s expectations are day-by-day higher, especially the ones of the “luxury” sector. You need to carefully define your marketing target and the strengths of your property in order to highlight them and reach the final result: become unique, different from any other competitor, and getting people moved.

After having experienced the emotional and diversifying validity of the Home Staging I can only be a supporter of it! Remember that…

There’s no second chance to make a first impression.

Finally, Marco, would you like to tell us some short but efficient feedbacks from the clients who remained particularly impressed by your work?


Professionalism and attention to detail, the property has been sold in a really short time! Completely satisfied with that!” Marilena

My small villa at the lake was on the market for years. By changing my strategy, I immediately noted the results, and I finally reach the sale!” Gianpaolo

The apartment in the historic centre that I inherited remained on the market for about 4 years without receiving any request or visit. Marco explained to me what he could have done to make it become more competitive, so I entrusted myself to him. We sold it in two months! I deeply suggest to all the owners who are willing to sell their home to entrust themselves to a consultant able to catch these new marketing strategies.” Rinaldo

Thank you, Marco,… and see you in the next interview!

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